New England Floor’s Metallic Epoxy Revamps Boston Club’s Dance Floor

New England Floor, a leading epoxy floor contractor owned by Ken Bonney, has recently completed a remarkable metallic epoxy installation at a popular Boston nightclub. The project involved the transformation of a 1,500-square-foot dance floor into a visually captivating and resilient surface using Pro Rez’s metallic epoxy products. The team successfully executed the entire process in just three days.

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The nightclub owner sought to rejuvenate the venue’s dance floor with a modern, eye-catching design capable of enduring the wear and tear of nightly use. New England Floor was tasked with creating a metallic epoxy floor that not only satisfied these durability requirements but also elevated the club’s overall atmosphere.

Ken Bonney, owner of New England Floor, expressed his excitement about the project, stating, “We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to showcase our skills and deliver a truly unique dance floor experience for this Boston nightclub. Our team worked diligently to overcome the challenges of a tight schedule and high foot traffic, and we’re proud of the exceptional results.”

To address the challenges, New England Floor employed innovative techniques such as fast-curing epoxy, creative layering techniques, and maintaining a controlled environment during installation. Bonney further explained, “By using Pro Rez’s fast-curing metallic epoxy products, we were able to speed up the installation process without compromising on quality or durability. We also utilized a combination of layering techniques, including troweling, squeegeeing, and swirling, to create a visually striking, custom design with depth and dimension.”

The controlled environment played a crucial role in ensuring proper curing and reducing potential contaminants. “Our team set up temporary barriers and climate control equipment to maintain optimal installation conditions, which ultimately contributed to the project’s success,” Bonney added.

This case study demonstrates New England Floor’s expertise and commitment to overcoming challenges and delivering exceptional results. The metallic epoxy installation at the Boston nightclub has not only revitalized the venue but also showcases the transformative power of epoxy flooring solutions in creating captivating, functional spaces.

For more information about New England Floor’s services, please contact Ken Bonney at 617-202-2973.

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