New Charlottesville VA Terminally Ill Seniors Palliative Care In Home Service

With the new improved palliative care services, Visiting Angels Charlottesville is able to assure that all patients’ needs are met in a timely manner, so they can focus on recovering from a life-threatening medical condition or learning to live with it.

The team of professional caregivers at Visiting Angels is equipped to provide comprehensive care to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of all their patients.

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The updated services feature the latest strategies in palliative care. This type of care is often more comprehensive and requires a greater amount of time than regular home health care.

According to Visiting Angels Charlottesville, this particular service requires constantly adapting to recent studies and adjusting when necessary to accommodate the needs of the patient.

Palliative care is a specialized form of medical care for people living with a serious illness (often progressive, incurable) and their families. Palliative care does not aim to cure an illness — it is concerned with providing relief from the distressing symptoms associated with some chronic conditions and life-threatening diseases.

Despite common perception, palliative care is not the same as end-of-life care, as those under palliative care can still recover or live a happy life managing their symptoms, while those under end-of-life care are generally not expected to recover. Nevertheless, palliative care is focused on providing relief for the patient while they undergo curative treatment, whereas end-of-life care aims to relieve suffering during someone’s final months and years.

The latest statistics say, around 90 million Americans are currently living with some form of serious illness, including chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. According to the National Health Interview Survey, 6 million could potentially benefit from palliative care. Further, several studies have shown that those who receive palliative care are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety and that they survive an average of 2.7 months longer.

Visiting Angels are part of the largest and highest-rated privately owned and operated home care agency in the United States. It was founded in 1998 with a single, simple concept: To help people live independently at home by providing them with dignified, compassionate care. Since then, it has built and maintained a reputation for offering only top-quality care and personalized assistance with a focus on the customer’s goals and well-being.

At Visiting Angels Charlottesville, newcomers are welcome to arrange a preliminary gathering with the team. By booking an appointment via the website, it’s possible for patients, relatives, and the organization to decide if they make a suitable match. Phone calls may also be arranged over the internet.

A spokesperson for the company said, “No matter the type of senior care we provide, you can count on our commitment to you and your family remaining the same. We will provide high-quality care that enables your loved one to maintain their independence and dignity.”

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