New Book Release The Mercreature Series: “Queen Corona’s Almost Great Escape”

Author L.A. Davis Announces Her Paperback Book release “Queen Corona’s Almost Great Escape” after her successful eBook ranked #1 New Release in Eight Categories, and #1 Best Seller in One Category on Amazon.

Austin, Texas Apr 24, 2023 ( – By L.A. Davis

  • Author L.A. Davis creates an imaginative story that explains how mermaids and mermen defeated the evil Queen Corona who is a metaphor for the Coronavirus.

L. A. Davis had no intentions of authoring a book about mermaids, mermen, or sea turtles. L. A. Davis was outraged about a comment she read amongst the tons of hate and vitriol cast towards Halle Bailey when she was chosen to do the live-action movie of “The Little Mermaid.” A male poster asked if Halle Bailey could get her hair wet. L. A. Davis could not believe someone would think of such a thing, much less ask the question. L.A. Davis will never forget how jarring it was to read that comment. At that time in history, individuals hiding behind their keyboards found it ok to say such hate fill things. Most of the comments attacking Halle were about her race. That did not surprise L. A. Davis, but the comment about Halle’s hair did. That comment was the only one L. A. Davis has seen to this date that asked about Halley Bailey’s hair. L.A. Davis asked her book cover designer to draw her as a mermaid with an Afro in silent support of Halle Bailey. L.A. Davis has been using that caricature since 2019 on her social media wall and she will not remove it until after “The Little Mermaid” movie is out of theaters.

A few months after seeing herself as a caricature, L.A. Davis decided to author a book. L.A. Davis had no idea what she would write about, but she knew she was going to write something. It took over three years to finish her beautiful little book. This wonderful story addresses misogyny, girl power, friendship, parental support, climate change, sea turtle preservation, global warming, world participation, the pandemic, and more. Everyone will find something in the story.

Though every story written is unique, L.A. Davis finds her mercreatures (mermen and mermaids) to be extraordinarily unique. Each mermaid has a mirror and a trident. After an accident, a seahorse is introduced in the story that tells the mermaids a secret about their trident that no other mermaid knows about. Not even the mermen can use their trident to do this incredible action; one that comes in quite handy in the story. Each merman has a conch shell and a trident. Everything they have, they use in this story. The most unique thing of all, is that all mercreatures have an emblem on their tail that shows where they were born.

Each main character has the characteristics of where they are from. Alicia is from Rock City. She is stubborn, but tough, strong, and unshakable. Twins, Clarissa and Clarence are from Twin City. They argue a lot, but they adore each other. Phillip is from Love City. He is the kindest and most levelheaded of the four. L. A. Davis hopes you purchase a copy of the book to get to know them for yourself.

L.A. Davis has been writing and publishing since 2018. She said she has spent hundreds of dollars on advertising that did nothing but put money in other people’s pockets. Because of prior discouragement, she told her editor and publisher, Dr. Melissa Caudle of “Never Stop Running: A Psychological Thriller Novel” that she was publishing her book without advertising it. On April 7th, 2023, L.A. Davis published her book. It went #1 New Release. On April 9th, for the first time since L. A. Davis started writing as a hobby, “Queen Corona’s Almost Great Escape” went #1 Bestseller in one category. L.A. Davis has written academic tools to help Ph.D. and EdD students hand code and conduct good qualitative data collection along with other several types of books. No book has ever made her a #1 Best-Selling author in any category.

L. A. Davis would like to humbly and publicly thank the person who made that nasty comment about Halle Bailey. It allowed her to utilize her outrage in a positive way to create something beautiful and uplifting. L.A. Davis had a ball writing the first book in this series. Though “Queen Corona’s Almost Great Escape” may not be in the same league as “The Little Mermaid,” L.A. Davis feels that her little book tells a story that is just as big. Blessings to all that read this.

L.A. Davis is an Absolute Author Publishing House author.

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