Neurodynamic Breathwork Training With Personal Development Intensive Starts Soon

The new breathwork facilitator training is a 6-month comprehensive holistic program with over 350 hours worth of lessons. Unlike other breathwork training, the program has dedicated 33% of its entire curriculum to helping participants achieve personal development growth, required to become a successful and effective facilitator, in the creators’ opinion. Among other things, students will gain confidence in leading both online and in-person breathwork workshops through 8 live practicum sessions required for each student to perform to be able to graduate, with 6 conducted online and the remaining 2 done in person.

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Neurodynamic Breathwork Online launched its new breathwork facilitator training to equip students with the tools they need to lead their own breath workshops, both online and in-person. The group has condensed 40 years of breathwork training into a 6-month curriculum divided into 6 main segments.

Students will learn how to start their own breathwork business, how to develop a client base, and how to prepare for a breathwork workshop. The training also features guidance on doing an effective intro talk, creating a neurodynamic breathwork music set, and supporting breathers when leading a session. Interspaced between the modules are self-empowerment lessons focused on personal development. The group explains that this is crucial to students opening themselves to a deeper understanding of their essential nature.

The breathwork facilitator training will be led by 3 main teachers who have over 4 decades of combined breathwork facilitator experience, and 2 special guest speakers teaching unique components on ethics and spiritual emergency. Together, the team has facilitated over 1,000 neurodynamic breathwork online sessions.

Graduates of the training will receive a certificate and be invited to the group’s ongoing Alumni Support Community. The community has monthly facilitator check-ins and regular full breathwork workshops so that students remain updated with the latest techniques.

A spokesperson for the group says, “We believe that in order to heal and uplift the world, it is essential to start with ourselves. Personal healing is inextricably linked to global healing. But, in addition, Neurodynamic Breathwork(TM) is one of the few modalities that can transform someone’s life within a few initial sessions. It is a perfect technique to make a difference with your clients, friends, and families and in many cases see immediate results in their lives. Many choose to become Neurodynamic Breathwork(TM) Facilitators for this reason alone.”

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