Netvue Announces Its Newest, Most Comprehensive Smart baby monitor in 2023

Netvue Baby Monitor

With 2023 has approched, Netvue strikes into the new year with its newest and most comprehensive product – Smart Baby Monitor.

Los Angeles, California Feb 10, 2023 ( – With the wish of helping more people to ease their lives, Netvue has designed a new series of products adopting its leading technologies. Combined with its advantages in the field of smart monitoring, Netvue powers through into a new field in common lives: introducing Netvue Smart Baby Monitor.

Latest design for modern parents

It’s time to get rid of the traditional methods of monitoring babies. Now, with Netvue Smart Baby Monitor, parents can easily get to the baby from anywhere day and night. Here are some important updates parents are looking for:

  • Multiple screens to check on the baby
  • Able to connect to your phone
  • Up to 6 hours of power consumption
  • 2-way talk
  • Alerts are sent to parents when abnormal sounds & movements detected
  • High-quality 720p camera
  • Stable connection

Baby’s OK, Parents’ are Free!

To pursue the goal of making people’s lives easier and smarter, Netvue Smart Baby Monitor tends to increase functions to improve security and safety while making parents more free and convenient.
With Netvue Smart Baby Monitor, one can easily enjoy the adventure of parenting. So don’t worry, we got you covered!

Always There for the Baby

Parents cannot be there for the baby all the time, but Netvue can! Netvue Smart Baby Monitor can function for 6 hours maximum without charging, ensuring your baby is always in close monitoring. Also, alerts will be sent to parents if there’s an abnormal sound or movement of the little one.
Netvue Smart Baby Monitor has a strong and stable connection. Even if it isn’t working, which is the worst scenario, Netvue Smart Baby Monitor will also send a reminder to parents ASAP so that they can check the product.

See & Hear the Baby from Anywhere

Nowadays, most smart baby monitors have multiple screens attached to be convenient for each parent. But that’s not where Netvue is gonna stop. Apart from that, Netvue Smart Baby Monitor also provides an exhilarating feature that enables you to connect the baby monitor to your phone. In this way, you’re able to check on the baby whenever and wherever you want, even when you’re away from home.

Guarantee Your Baby’s Safety 24-7, Even at Night

Parents, esp. rookie parents always worry about the baby at night. Babies can be on the edge or crying for their parents’ accompany due to the dark environment. Parents have no choice but to get up all the time to see if their little one is OK.
A screen that’s always on also tempts parents to check on their baby even if everything’s fine. “One more look and I’ll go to sleep. ” Yet, a good night’s rest is also extremely necessary for tired parents. Don’t worry, Netvue Smart Baby Monitor is here to help!
Netvue designed a marvelous feature called “Night vision mode”, in which the screens will be turned off and only audio on. An off-screen won’t disturb parents’ sleep anymore. Moreover, Netvue Baby Monitor will detect any abnormal sounds and send an alert to sleeping parents. This way, parents only need to get up when there’s an alert.

Smart Baby Monitor for All Parents

Your baby needs constant attention and care to guarantee its safety. More to that, it would be amazing for parents to be able to communicate and talk to the baby to soothe its mood. Netvue Smart Baby Monitor is a powerful tool for each and every parent to achieve these purposes, especially if you are new to this journey. One can easily check the status of babies and even talk to them to make sure your baby is 100% safe and soothes its mind.

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