Nearshore JavaScript Developers: US Time Zone Staff Outsourcing Service Updated

The company’s enhanced resources include back-end, front-end, mobile, testing, data management, and UX specialists. More candidates have also been added to in-demand fields, such as JavaScript, ReactJS, Angular, and Visual Basic. All engineers have been screened for technical expertise and English-language proficiency prior to being engaged.

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ParallelStaff’s updated nearshore staffing solution was developed to address many of the challenges faced in hiring suitably qualified and experienced software developers. The company states that the ability of its staff to work in US time zones is a significant advantage, while the cost-efficiency associated with offshore outsourcing can still be achieved.

While digital transformation efforts have only accelerated in recent years, a recent report from Gartner shows that over 60% of IT executives say that talent shortages are presenting a significant problem. For smaller organizations, the cost of hiring onshore software developers can be prohibitively expensive.

With its staffing service, ParallelStaff aims to provide a cost-effective option that addresses many of the issues experienced with traditional offshore outsourcing. The company’s engineers are well-versed in US systems and processes, and its streamlined process allows clients to onboard new team members in 5-10 business days.

“Time and cost matter alongside quality, and our software development outsourcing options can help you accomplish all three equally,” a company representative explained. “We’ll pair you with skilled software engineers from Latin America who are ready to bring your project to life, on your schedule, and in your time zone.”

About ParallelStaff

With IT talent shortages expected to continue into the medium- and long-term, ParallelStaff designed its nearshore staffing service to provide a flexible and affordable option for businesses of any size. To date, the company’s solutions have been accessed by multiple Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Santander, eBay, Slack, and AT&T.

“ParallelStaff has allowed us to staff our teams with highly skilled engineers, and we can now complete our projects faster than ever before,” one VP of Engineering recently stated. “The hiring process is far more efficient than other outsourcing options, and it’s great having access to such a vast talent community.”

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