Natural Bone Runes Set: Germanic 24 Elder Futhark Gemstones & Velvet Bag Launch

The new bone runes have been handcrafted by Madame Pamita in her LA studio and have been made from sustainable and ethically sourced water buffalo bone. Parlour of Wonders’ new bone rune set follows the traditional 24 Elder Futhark configuration, a historic divination tool that was used by Germanic tribes as early as 150 AD.

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The launch of a new rune set speaks to the growing interest in divination and ‘fortune telling’ facilitative tools that has been sparked in the US in recent years. As a recent article in the Washington Post explained, more Americans, especially young Americans, are looking to forge their own personal forms of spiritual and religious practices.

As their journalists elaborated, divination tools like runes and tarot cards can, therefore, offer many young people a vocabulary by which to talk about themselves and their feelings. They can also help them to receive guidance in specific aspects of their life, including love interests, personal finances, career paths and other goals.

Parlour of Wonders believes similarly, and suggests that, more than predicting exactly what will happen in the future, rune sets are about interpreting the self and the present, reflecting on how one’s life looks and how one wishes it to look.

As such, they have crafted their new 24 Elder Futhark rune set from natural polished bone to help put the full weight of history in practitioners’ hands. Their set comes with 25 individual runes and comes in a handcrafted velvet storage bag.

With their new bone rune set, users can channel the Germanic and Nordic tradition of divination and make it a modern act of self-reflection and self-care.

In addition to their new bone set, Parlour of Wonders also retails gemstone rune sets made from rose quartz, carnelian, lapis lazuli, and more.

Parlour of Wonders is Madame Pamita’s online store for spiritually charged products. They ship across the United States and Canada.

A spokesperson for Madame Pamita said, “Rune stones have a powerful history and hold strong divinatory powers. The origin of the word ‘rune stems from the Germanic word for ‘mystery’ or ‘secret.’ Runes are used to connect to one’s higher self, inner guidance and intuition as a method of foretelling what the future may hold and offering advice.”

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