Nashville Smart Gym Exercise Program | 10-Minute Efficient Workout Expanded

The smart gym uses cutting-edge gym equipment and technology to help clients reach their fitness goals. Clients can now discover the science behind the gym’s approach in the gym’s new ebook release, entitled ‘High-Intensity Exercise: The Fast Explanation of Slow Motion Strength Training’.

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Programs from Quantify Fitness have been developed for clients who struggle to stick to and find time for an ordinary fitness regime. With the recent service expansion, the gym’s smart equipment can help members to reduce their workout time to ten minutes per session.

While decades of scientific research have examined the way in which people exercise and its effectiveness, most people interested in getting fitter and healthier assume that they have to commit hours to the gym each week. Quantify Fitness has instead examined the research and created a smart gym space that includes state-of-the-art, evidence-backed equipment that optimizes every workout. Using the equipment in combination with a custom program from the company’s team, most clients find that they can use their time more wisely and spend less time working out, whilst increasing their strength and aerobic fitness.

Clients taking part in the program often report seeing results while committing only 45 minutes to exercise each week. Each piece of equipment in the gym uses an important piece of data known as a unique intensity threshold to make sure that the client is exercising according to their strength level. As such, most clients will feel the same soreness, tiredness, and long-term results following 9 minutes on the gym’s CAR.O.L exercise bike as they would from a 45-minute jog.

“I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical going into the 10-minute workout because all my life I’ve never been told you only need to workout 10 minutes a week, ” said one satisfied client. “After doing my first 10-minute workout with Quantify Fitness my mind was blown. I left feeling like I ran 6 miles and then some. I was sore for days after and it honestly was the best quick workout I’ve ever done.”

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