Nashville Parking Lot Repair & Asphalt Patching Experts Complete New Project

A Nashville property management company for Westfield Condominiums recently retained Gaddes Strategic to provide parking lot repair with a one-day turnaround, in which a trench was dug in the pavement to fix the main water line that had broken – leaving residents without running water. Once the water line had been set, the asphalt trench in the parking lot needed to be repaired.

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To complete the parking lot repair project, the Gaddes Strategic crew removed all the debris from the trench before saw-cutting and excavating the trench. They then replaced the asphalt binder and compacted it with a vibratory roller. The final step involved replacing two inches of asphalt topping and using a steel drum roller to lute and compact it.

The company, founded by a group of Nashville natives and former business executives with 60 years of experience in the concrete, asphalt, and dump trucking industries, offers a range of services to meet the swelling demand for parking lot repairs across the county.

To extend the pavement’s lifespan, parking lot care involves a range of repairs and treatments. 90% of parking lots in the United States use asphalt, which is prone to aging and degradation over time. That damage can make it both dangerous and unsightly – affecting property value, employee/client safety, and overall business viability. Methods used to maintain parking lots include sealing, striping, and crack filling: if potholes and cracks are not repaired, water or debris can enter the surface layer and cause more harm.

Gaddes Strategic’s asphalt patching method, which was used in their latest project, is the most economical method for preventing cracks, potholes, and other damage to a parking lot’s surface and foundation. Hot mix asphalt calls for special caution, expertise, and powerful machinery to complete the task – and is a better, longer-lasting repair for asphalt surfaces than cold mix asphalt, which is suitable only for temporary fixes.

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Gaddes Strategic also offers infrared asphalt repair, a more eco-friendly method that works best for smaller potholes and minor maintenance work. The infrared option is more cost-effective – but only in the short term. The firm’s asphalt seal coating service protects parking lots from oxidation damage and keeps the asphalt’s color, thereby helping to preserve its integrity.

A company spokesperson says: “Our goal is to provide efficient, affordable asphalt paving and repair solutions to meet the needs of all commercial customers – regardless of the size and scope of the project.”

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