NASDAQ and DOW Jones Up by 10%: Capital Circle Group Reports on the 2 Stocks Driving the Stock Market Above the Green Line

London, UK — It’s been a rough few months for the stock market, with the NASDAQ and DOW Jones both seeing their values plummet to record lows. However, there are early signs that the second quarter is shaping up to be much better for these stocks, with a significant increase in value so far. This is encouraging news for investors who’ve been cautious since the pandemic caused an economic recession. With stocks on the rise again, there’s hope that the worst of the market turmoil may be over. Only time will tell for sure, but for now, it seems like things are slowly but surely heading in the right direction. Capital Circle Group’s broker Daniel Brown reports on the stock performance of the most valuable assets in the NYSE and how they indicate a return to normalcy.

The NASDAQ: Zig zagging by 10%

The NASDAQ is a big player in the NYSE. Any significant changes to its stock price shake up the entire market and investors usually follow its direction when it comes to essential company stocks.

Going Down

The 1st quarter for the NASDAQ was a downward dive. The stock price decreased by 0.5 – 1.3 % every week on average with the holdings sector settling at $142 per share in mid-May. This was the lowest point for the market as NASDAQ represented significant players in the stock market and having its price go down really hit home for a lot of investors.

The Financial Times reported that the second quarter might be too much for the stock market to handle as stock prices kept on decreasing till a little after mid-May. While the stock market did see quite a lot of blood in that duration, things weren’t as bad as they seemed.

Going Up

The 2nd quarter was no different than the 1st quarter for NASDAQ for the first couple of days. The recession was gripping the market by the neck and investors were taking it out on the market stocks. Its stock price took a 1.3% nose dive before it started to go for the green.

After two weeks of agonizing highs and lows, the stock finally went green to some extent. It still has a long way to go until it reaches its pre-inflation market price but overall, the stock is doing well. There has been a +10% increase in the stock price for the NASDAQ with the current increase rate standing at +1.74% per day which is much better than the performance recorded in the 1st quarter.

All in all, the NASDAQ stock made a comeback after a rough couple of months and technically is still in the negative when accommodating the aggregate. However, analysts believe that this wide section will be narrowed down soon as the market performance of the stock indicates that the gap is being filled every day as the stock goes green on a daily basis.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average: Hovering at 9%

Economists were more or less right on this one. Many financial firms were not surprised to see the DOW Jones dipping throughout the 1st quarter of 2022. Its stock price went down by nearly – 8.5% ever since the start of this fiscal year. This is not uncommon for stocks, and many analysts believe that the DOW Jones will rebound in the coming quarters. In the meantime, firms are keeping a close eye on the market and making adjustments to their portfolios accordingly. While dips can be concerning, it’s important to remember that they are also a normal part of the stock market cycle.

Early rebound

It was widely believed that the DOW Jones would take several quarters to recover from the massive dip it took in early 2022. However, the market has surprised everyone by beginning to rebound in late May. The stock price has recovered by around 9% and is continuing to trend upwards. This is a significant development, as the market had been in a constant state of decline for months. The current daily rate of growth is around 0.94%, which is a small but significant climb. This positive trend is expected to continue in the coming quarters, as the market continues to recover from the devastating dip it took earlier this year.

Stock Market Performance

There are other stocks on the NYSE that are also making a difference but NASDAQ and DOW Jones are the reason why the markets seem to be going back to a somewhat stable condition after a rough ride. The current climbing rate is around 1 – 3 % per day which averages out to 5 % for a couple of weeks and financial analysts predict that the rate will more or less stay the same for the rest of the 2nd quarter.

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