My ESA Doctor Makes It Easier for Patients to Get an ESA Letter

Los Angeles, November 26: MyESADoctor helps patients who seek animal-assisted therapy get an emotional support animal letter. The online telehealth platform focuses on providing the best mental health care to patients with genuine needs. With a virtual setup, patients can connect with certified physicians without having to step out of their homes.

Mr Fu, founder of MyESADoctor said on Monday, “Our goal is to assist those in need of emotional support and understand how a dog or cat can help improve their mental health. We’ve been working on making the process easier for applicants so they don’t have to go through complicated and time-consuming processes.”

Those applying for an emotional support animal (ESA) letter can apply online directly via their devices. Patients are required to share their medical history and some basic credentials before being connected to a doctor who will evaluate their condition, and finally receive their ESA letter in PDF form immediately. Leveraging the current developments in telemedicine, MyESADoctor has a well conditioned streamlined process, enabling patients to get the letter easily.

The company holds its service in high regard and continues to improve the way it functions to ensure all medically diagnosed mental health patients have access to support animals. MyESADoctor has so far enabled thousands of patients to improve their quality of life.

Additionally, as per the Fair Housing Act, landlords must accommodate tenants with an ESA without charging them an additional fee. On the other hand, traveling laws no longer mandate airlines to allow emotional support animals on flights. If one wishes to fly with their ESA, they can do so by paying an additional fee to have their pet travel in a separate carrier.

My ESA Doctor is working towards creating a more acceptable and inviting ecosystem for all mental health patients that require an emotional support animal.

About My ESA Doctor

My ESA Doctor aims towards ensuring all medically diagnosed mental health patients are able to own emotional support animals to improve their conditions. The purpose is to connect these patients with certified doctors who can write up a legit ESA letter.

With a team of certified professionals, patients are assured of their rights to become pet owners after an ESA doctor’s approval.

The innovations in telemedicine have enabled patients to get the ESA letter online with ease.

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