My ADU Designs Units for Property Owners Seeking to Build a Second Home on their Residential Zoned Property

State and local laws allow homeowners to build a second home, called Accessory Dwelling Unit, on their residential zoned property to address the affordable housing crisis. They are separate and distinct living quarters known as backyard homes/cottages, granny flats, guest houses, or mother-in-law units. Since anyone can live in the ADU, it provides extra space for visiting families and for short/long-term rentals like Airbnb/VRBO to earn extra income. Some areas require the property owner to live on-site in the main house or the ADU, and others allow both properties to be used as rentals. My ADU was founded to answer the growing demand for such units. The team’s experience in helping create hundreds of custom homes enables them to leverage the ins and outs of designing, permitting, and building residential units.

The company’s website contains extensive model options for homeowners who need a modern open floor plan/traditional one-bedroom unit, a sleeping loft with a private bedroom, optional storage/garage for extra space, or a full-size kitchen with a flex room. The Pacific model is specifically made for wheelchair users, focusing on user convenience while incorporating features beyond minimum code compliance. Though most residential units have minimal space for an ADU, some properties have extra land for a 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom layout with walk-in closets and full-size appliances for versatility. The St. Helens ADU model packs a lot into a small footprint, making it perfect for smaller locations desiring to maximize as much floor space as possible, and the Mt. Rainer model offers the same lifestyle as many homes twice its size.

Since each ADU comes with a move-in ready kitchen, appliances, bathroom, and laundry center, the My ADU team works to design layouts/products with clients, whether custom colors or finishing materials. Before any design work is done, they perform an initial site visit where they walk the property and discuss placement, setbacks, and model options to determine a homeowner’s eligibility for an ADU. They may also examine any special requirements the project may need/have before giving an accurate and unique estimate. The team handles the permitting process to ensure the home meets all requirements by the municipality to create a permit packet comprising a stormwater plan, site drawing/plan, engineering, erosion control, and more.

During the building process, My ADU handles the project through a conventional method, whether site preparation, foundation, or finishing touches. When they complete construction, the ADU will be ready for a final walk-through to address last-minute changes with the occupants and the municipality before the handoff. The process uses energy-efficient solutions and energy star-certified products, resulting in a more eco-friendly space. Additionally, the company uses local suppliers and resources to streamline the process in as little as 12 weeks.

Visit the website to learn more about My ADU, or call (360) 309-6134 to inquire. The company is at 10110 NE 13th Ave, Vancouver, WA, 98686, US.

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