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Music Streaming App To Be Headquartered In Phoenix, Creating A New Music Industry HotSpot

For years artists looking to break into the music world have found themselves commuting, or even uprooting their lives, to reside in one of the major cities where record labels have headquartered. By living in these cities, it increases the opportunities for artists to be discovered and allows them to network easier.

Depending on your genre of music, places like Nashville, New York and Los Angeles are common stomping grounds for Indies trying to break into the scene. You often hear stories about how famous artists like Kanye West & J. Cole, moved from the cities they were raised in to one of those locations.

Well, it’s still very early to say, but Christian Phyfier, the CEO and Founder of Scrybe Streaming, currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, where he is very fond of the music community. Furthermore, all but one partner, Scrybe COO Torrence Burnett, who resides in Dallas, Texas, also resides in Arizona.

Seeing that the app has been in store for less than one month and received some tremendous attention. This has brought up the discussion of where the team plans to officially headquarter. We are assuming there will always be small offices in Phoenix, but will Scrybe choose to have a larger headquarters in one of the more popular music and entertainment states? 

Phyfier has mentioned via social media that the app is receiving a ton of love from states outside of Arizona, but that does not necessarily warrant moving the company. The launch conference held June 20th, showed that there were plenty of Arizonian artists that take their careers seriously enough to deserve a potential game changing app in the state.

Seeing the app’s unexpected attention and growth within a short time frame, it is only a matter of time before major labels, indie artists and podcast hosts begin to catch the wave. So let us assume the best and that this is a major disruptor. If the Scrybe Streaming application is Headquartered in Phoenix, what are some of the benefits?

  1. Local artists have the advantage of having access to set meetings at the office or stop by, doing the opportunistic “Camp Out” method of meeting one of the execs or promotion directors as they head into work.
  2. Music enthusiasts in Arizona have a cool new job opening.
  3. Creators can accidentally bump into someone who works at Scrybe at a grocery store or event.
  4. If Scrybe does events, or expands in any direction, Arizonian creators have first access. 
  5. Creators will begin to take their careers more seriously, as success doesn’t seem so far away.
  6. Labels will begin to take Arizona artists more seriously, offering more deals to artists that are native.
  7. Scrybe will draw traffic from other less popular entertainment states, bringing a wave of new talent and collaborations.
  8. Increasing the amount of celebrity performances.
  9. Increasing tourism traffic.

Obviously these are just a few examples of what could happen, but seriously how cool would it be if Spotify had headquarters in your state. We’ve seen all of the above happen in other states when labels have headquartered their companies there.

Only time will tell, but in the end, this definitely can not hurt the entertainment economy for Arizona, if the entertainment community embraces it as such. Watch this video below to learn more about Scrybe Streaming and visit to upload content.

Video Link: Scrybe Streaming Explainer