Murfreesboro Sealcoating For Parking Lot Repair & Maintenance: Services Updated

The Murfreesboro-based company’s offerings include preventive maintenance services like crack filling and sealcoating as well as hot-mix asphalt patching for more permanent parking lot repair solutions. Weather, water, oil leakage, excessive traffic, and sunlight are all variables that can cause parking lots to deteriorate over time – resulting in customer/tenant frustration and the loss of business.

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Hargrove Sealcoating & Striping now also offers parking lot striping, the application of lines and pavement markings to designated lots to improve safety and guide traffic. In tandem with asphalt repairs, proper striping helps to ensure the satisfaction of business owners and their customers. Parking lot repair service clients include shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, property managers, home builders, malls, schools, gas stations, dentist offices, HOAs, and more – anywhere traffic needs to flow unimpeded.

The sealcoating market is expected to increase by at least 4% annually over the next several years – and more by some estimates, once the nationwide infrastructure projects passed by the last Congress are fully underway. This market in Tennessee is primarily focused on parking lots and driveways, self-contained asphalt surfaces that are typically exposed to excessive wear and tear. As the layers of asphalt, impacted by weather and chemical spillage, weaken over time, they begin to crack and are eventually unusable.

Hargrove Sealcoating & Striping’s service solves this problem because the application of a seal coat acts as a barrier to weather events and chemicals, preventing water from permeating the asphalt and slowing down oxidation rates. Sealcoating also shields the binder from other environmental stressors, preventing further damage over time – saving time and money spent on periodic repairs and extending the lot or driveway’s lifespan.

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Because of their deep black finish, these coatings also provide a slip-resistant surface and are aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, sealcoating can also make cleaning and maintaining parking lots more manageable, making it a superior solution for busy business owners and property managers.

Hargrove Sealcoating & Striping, a family-run firm, provides a variety of pavement care services, including permanent pothole repair, asphalt milling, sealcoating, and forestry mulching. In addition, the company offers asphalt mending, skin patching, and pavement markings.

One customer commented: “This company is amazing. We just had our parking lot lines painted by them and are beyond pleased. We also had a special project for them that they agreed to – no problem. Couldn’t be happier with the result.”

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