Multimedia Marketing For Paving & Surfacing Companies, Content Strategy Launched

In response to the limited marketing opportunities available to professional pavers and ground resurfacers, Brigins Digital Consultants has launched a new marketing strategy specifically optimized for these industries, using hyper-local targeted multimedia.

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The new strategy uses a combination of proven techniques to ensure that marketing materials about each client have a high probability of reaching potential customers. However, this strategy does not require the use of traditional advertisements, “pay-per-click” links, or sponsored ads.

Instead of traditional advertisements, Brigins Digital Consultants use professionally authored content in a range of popular multimedia formats. Each multimedia piece contains information about the client, their business, and the individual services they offer, as well as links back to their landing or sales pages.

By generating content in a range of formats, this strategy ensures that potential customers can always find information about local pavers, regardless of their preferred media type. A standard marketing campaign can include content in up to 6 multimedia formats, including streaming videos, podcasts, infographics, and blog articles.

While clients are encouraged to help the marketing team with suggestions for topics, themes, headlines, and keywords, they are not required to, and the entire process can be completed by the Brigins Digital Consultants team. Clients will never be asked to write their own content, record their own podcasts, or construct their own videos.

To ensure that every piece of content meets the highest quality standards, each campaign will be available for review by the client before it goes live online. Unlike traditional ads, however, this content will never expire, and can still help to attract new clients indefinitely.

This new strategy can be used either in a single campaign or as a recurring program, which can help clients to rank higher in the search results for more competitive keywords. Recurring clients will also receive a “snapshot report” which shows how they rank for a range of keywords before, during, and after their campaigns.

Though clients are encouraged to assist with topics, they are only required to provide a URL for their business website. All required research on clients, keywords, services, and local competition will be completed by the Brigins Digital Consultants marketing team, as part of the standard service.

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