Multimedia Marketing & Branding Content Campaigns For Prosthodontists, Update

The expanded marketing and brand-building campaigns developed by Ibex Media place unique and interesting content about dental professionals into blogs, podcasts, streaming videos, and other multimedia forms to help dentists reach a wider audience.

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By crafting multimedia content in 6 common formats, Ibex Media ensures that potential customers can find information online about their dental clients, regardless of the customer’s preferred media form. Each additional piece of content is also designed to rank highly in the search results for selected industry keywords, and the campaigns can be stacked for a cumulative effect.

This strategy starts with a “low-hanging fruit” approach, which helps dental professionals to rank highly for several “less-saturated” industry keywords. As each piece of content goes live online, it helps to improve the client’s Domain Authority with the search engine algorithms, which will allow them to rank higher in the search results for a wider range of keywords.

Each new piece of content contains a link back to the client’s main page, sales pages, or landing page, which shows the search algorithms that the client’s website is relevant, interesting, and trustworthy. Used cumulatively, this strategy has been shown to help clients rank highly in the search results, even in crowded or highly saturated niches.

Ibex Media also offers Snapshot Reports, which highlight how a business is performing in the search results before, during, and after its branding campaigns. These reports showcase which keywords a client could rank for originally, how saturated each keyword is in their niche, and can help to suggest topics or keywords for the next series of articles.

Though clients are encouraged to provide feedback and topic suggestions, they will not be asked to write their own content or record their own multimedia. Ibex Media uses a professional team of writers, editors, and marketing professionals to handle the entire process, with each article available for clients to review before it goes live online.

Unlike traditional advertising, content created through Ibex Media does not expire. Each article will remain online and in the search results, with active links back to the client’s page, indefinitely.

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