Multilingual VAT Refund App Travelers To France: Tax-Free Shopping Announced

The announcement introduces non-EU residents visiting France to a quick and paperless way for them to claim their VAT (Value-Added Tax) refunds and save up to 13 percent on their purchases. The app has to date helped travelers in 88 countries and issues refunds in 50 different currencies with just a tap of the traveler’s phone.

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The VAT, also known as a goods and services tax, is higher in Europe than the US state and local taxes combined, and can begin to add up if travelers purchase big-ticket items like jewelry and watches. It can also add up over time for those spending on fashion, footwear, and electronics. While Europeans are subject to this tax, non-EU travelers are not, and can claim a refund. Newly announced service information from Wevat will help travelers claim their refunds digitally in just about any language in three simple steps.

Available at the Apple App Store, Google Play, and directly from the Wevat website, Wevat gives travelers a hassle-free, paper-free VAT refund option that is 23 per cent higher than what they would receive from in-store vendors. There are no spending restrictions per purchase, foreign exchange fees, or partnering store restrictions associated with the app. Users pay a single, transparent service fee and can begin using the app once they’ve signed up and agreed to the terms and conditions before making purchases.

Whether shopping in France in store or online, users upload invoices issued to them from the point of purchase for storage on their phones. Upon exiting France the user scans a barcode summarizing the total refund they’re due at a Wevat-supported departure point to generate the refund process.

Refunds can be issued by credit card, bank transfer, Alipay, or WeChat pay. Users can monitor the refund process using the app’s tracker feature and can request support at any time from the company’s multilingual customer team.

Founded in 2016 and launched in 2019, Wevat is the first digital VAT refund provider available to international travelers.

A company representative says, “Wevat aims to make the tax-free shopping experience in France convenient, efficient, and trustworthy using revolutionary technology and a customer-focused service. We’re a group of people who love to travel and have helped refund fellow travelers from 88 countries more than EUR18 million to date.”

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