Multi-Factor Authentication & Access Management Software Consultancy Launched

This new consulting service has been created to help companies automate their access management needs, allowing them to allocate IT resources elsewhere. The systems that Azure IAM can help implement are able to perform a number of conditional access procedures such as on-premises AD and Self Service Password Reset without the need for manual intervention.

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This service takes advantage of the same Azure Active Directory that powers all of the access management solutions they help implement, this time utilizing the technology to power a robust and versatile access management system. The new MFA system available through their consulting service works off the central AD to provide access to a robust suite of features, such as identity management and biometric access.

The tool they provide access to can be used to consolidate the multiple digital identities of a single user into a streamlined access key system which can recognize users across the different data management platforms a business may use.

Azure IAM makes use of one of the most powerful MFA systems on the market to consolidate and streamline the access management process. These solutions have proven highly effective in organizations handling medium to large volumes of internal data, and whose data security systems require robust support both from within and without.

Azure IAM is partnered with Microsoft, and as a result their consulting service also includes access management powered by the Microsoft Authenticator App. This and many other solutions provided through their service can create a seamless, hassle-free access management environment that is able to intelligently prevent breaches, minimizing interference with daily operations.

The company provides these consultancy services in order to help businesses better apply industry-leading access management solutions. These services will help to identify existing vulnerabilities and implement solutions from the company’s varied toolkit, as well as overseeing the development of a unique action plan for each client.

As part of their optimization efforts, they seek to help businesses remove passwords from the equation as much as possible, as the company has identified them as the most common point of failure in the event of an attack. Even powerful encryption can be broken, and so they have set out to build a system that relies on multiple layers of diverse security measures in order to eliminate these vulnerabilities.

Azure IAM employs a team of dedicated and experienced cybersecurity veterans who are intimately familiar with all levels of access management. Their core team has nearly 70 years of combined experience, during which time they have been able to formulate some of the most trusted and highly optimized security management systems on the market.

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