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Randolph, NJ – Alcoholism is a serious problem in the United States, with one in five deaths of American adults aged between 20 and 49 directly or indirectly attributed to excessive drinking. It not only causes loss of lives but also leads to various health complications and loss of livelihoods. Many people view addicts as willing perpetrators rather than human beings in need of help. Moving Mountains Recovery is dedicated to changing this narrative by providing a non-judgmental and supportive environment for addicts in Randolph, NJ, to achieve sobriety.

While commenting on their experience at Moving Mountains Recovery, one first-hand witness said, “Moving mountains truly puts client care above all else. I have personally witnessed employees of Moving Mountains spend countless hours making sure that their clients are getting every need met and concern addressed. They provide a safe and secure environment for those struggling to start their journey to recovery. I highly recommend this alcoholism treatment program to anyone serious about getting sober.”

Moving Mountains Recovery is home to some of the most highly-recommended addiction specialists in Randolph and the surrounding areas in New Jersey. Their extensive experience and unwavering dedication to each patient’s recovery and well-being make them uniquely qualified to help all alcohol addicts, no matter the severity of their addictions. Using tried-and-proven addiction treatment programs, the recovery center’s employees tailor their services to each patient’s specific conditions and recovery goals. While offering a full range of alcohol addiction treatment programs, Moving Mountains Recovery is particularly known for its Randolph outpatient rehab services.

With this program, alcohol addicts can embark on their recovery journeys while maintaining normalcy in their lives and daily routines. The facility’s alcohol and drug rehab program employs five different therapies to help patients achieve whole-rounded rehabilitation for the long term. These addiction treatment therapies are behavioral therapy, holistic therapy, recreational therapy, adventure therapy, and family behavior therapy. Individuals with loved ones in need of help overcoming their addictions will be happy to know that these therapies work collectively for long-lived results with minimized chances of backsliding.

For instance, the addiction specialists from Moving Mountains Recovery recommend behavioral therapy to rewire addicts’ minds and help them unlearn bad habits. Recreational and adventure therapies aim to take clients’ minds off drugs by giving them better, enjoyable, and healthy activities to focus on. On the other hand, holistic therapy focuses on an addict’s emotional and spiritual well-being for optimal wellness and life balance. Visit the center’s website to explore available addiction treatment options. Individuals can contact one of its representatives at (973) 397-5055 for appointment scheduling. Moving Mountains Recovery is located at 2 Emery Ave, Randolph, NJ, 07869, USA.

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