Movement Started by Community Calling for Governor Polis to Reinstate Dr. Medlock as BHA Commissioner

Dr Medlock with cabinet leaders and Governor Polis at the BHA Bill signing in 2022

On Monday, April 17, 2023, Colorado Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) Commissioner Dr. Morgan Medlock, MD, MDiv, MPH, a Black community leader, was unjustly removed from her Colorado cabinet position.

Denver, Colorado May 2, 2023 ( – On Monday, April 17, 2023, Colorado Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) Commissioner Dr. Morgan Medlock, MD, MDiv, MPH, a Black community leader, was unjustly removed from her Colorado cabinet position. The Justice for Medlock movement was started by the community to elevate her story, bring to light the harm done to Leaders of Color by political structures, and seek justice by calling for Governor Polis to reinstate Dr. Medlock as BHA Commissioner.

Dr. Medlock’s removal risks the lives of millions of people in Colorado who deserve accessible, trauma-informed, and culturally-responsive behavioral health care. It perpetuates the message that strong, qualified Women of Color are vulnerable to the whims of political systems and cabinet leadership. Her focused systems-change work and unflappable integrity were a source of inspiration, strength, and hope for so many people who don’t have the loudest voice, the safety to share, or the position of power to matter to those making decisions.

The absence of Dr. Medlock’s steady and transformational leadership from the Governor’s cabinet has come at a time when Black leaders and politicians are being silenced, rejected, and punished for bringing the truth about injustice to the forefront of society. Her sudden departure rings with the familiarity of Tennessee State Representatives Justin Pearson and Justin Jones, who were removed for working on behalf of diverse communities and representing their authentic selves.

It is only with the voice of the people and the solidarity of those communities that they were given the chance to return and lead. People can demand justice for Dr. Medlock by signing the Justice for Medlock petition for Governor Polis to bring her back as the Commissioner of the Colorado Behavioral Health Administration (BHA).

The Justice for Medlock movement is also collecting stories about Dr. Medlock’s leadership from people across Colorado. The submission process is anonymous to protect those who want to share and may feel fearful or worried about intimidation. Here are some of the stories submitted to the site:

Upon her arrival in the state of Colorado, Dr. Medlock included the Denver-Rocky Mountain Association of Black Psychologists in her statewide tour. She continued her engagement throughout her tenure. We were provided a seat at the table and engaged as true thought partners.

Dr. Medlock lives her values completely. Her integrity is visible in all the work she does, and elevates the work of others. She is the best person for the job and works for the people, not social capital.

Dr. Medlock created a bold and clear vision for behavioral healthcare in Colorado. She is a leader who authentically lives out the values of truth, equity, collaboration, community-informed practice, and generational impact. Dr. Medlock inspired so much change in this state and led with integrity and confidence. I am honored to have had the chance to work with such an influential leader and to support her vision.

Dr. Morgan Medlock leads with a passion for people. All people deserve the right to equal access to behavioral health care. She believed that wholeheartedly and was bold with her direction and vision for how state government should be run.

Dr. Medlock’s success and achievements as BHA Commissioner are evident. Her assignment was created to rebuild Colorado’s behavioral health continuum of care. The innovation driven by her unique perspective as a public servant and psychiatrist with intentionality for those with lived experience was the approach that Colorado deserved. Systems change of this magnitude requires resources, innovation, investments, support, and most importantly time, which Dr. Medlock was not afforded because of an unjust political decision.

About the Justice for Medlock Movement

Justice for Medlock is a support movement created by members of the community and concerned citizens of Colorado to rally around and uplift an authentic and bold public servant who was treated unjustly and disrespectfully. The movement is about demanding accountability for Dr. Medlock and all those who found hope in Dr. Medlock’s position of power and inspiration from her strength. Find us at or email [email protected].

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