Montpellier, France Digital Nomad Destination | Co-Working & Living Guide Launch

The platform’s new piece is the latest in a series, designed to provide insights into less-well-known travel destinations for the digital nomad community. As with previous installments, the guide explains features that are considered important to internet workers, such as connectivity, coworking spaces, cost of living, and local attractions.

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Crucial Constructs has recognized the recent uptick in international travel, and the company’s recent release of destination guides is a response to growing demand from digital nomads. While locations such as Thailand and Indonesia are well known, the platform believes that Montpellier offers a viable alternative.

According to statistics published by, there are now 35 million digital nomads around the world, with an economic value of $787 billion annually. Given the more widespread acceptance of remote working, combined with an increasing desire for independence, it is expected that these numbers will continue to grow in the coming years.

A central premise of the digital nomad concept is the ability to travel, and Crucial Construct’s latest guide was written to make individuals aware of the features that Montpellier offers. Internet speed, cafes, and living costs are important considerations for those who are traveling and working, and the piece provides in-depth information in each of these areas.

Considering the growth in digital nomadism, the platform expects that demand for such guides will continue to increase. To that end, Crucial Constructs is also working to release further pieces in the near future.

About Crucial Constructs

Designed by and for internet entrepreneurs, Crucial Constructs offers a variety of resources designed to assist those who are new to the digital economy. The platform’s digital nomad destination series now includes locations in South America, Southeast Asia, the US, and Europe. Resources also detail remote working opportunities, along with recommended tools and applications.

A company representative recently stated: “Typically referred to as the Cultural Gem of Southern France, Montpellier is located near the Mediterranean coast with gorgeous historical structures. Some refer to Montpellier as a cuter and smaller-sized variation of Paris, as it’s absolutely nothing brief of a marvel to witness. More importantly, it’s a great place to base yourself as a digital nomad.”

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