Montondo Trailer LLC Unveils a New Line of Pre-Built Restroom Trailers

Buffalo, NY: Montondo Trailer LLC has announced a new line of pre-constructed restroom trailers. Besides meeting the ADA compliance standards, they are equipped with state-of-the-art features. For instance, they have customized sinks, fresh and wastewater storage tanks, heating, and stalls. With the premium features, the trailers are perfect for weddings, film sets, and concerts.

The new pre-built trailers are constructed using commercial-grade materials. Even though these trailers are for temporary use, they are built to withstand harsh weather. The choice of materials also makes them sleek and ideal for handling any amount of foot traffic.

Besides the build, the self-contained restrooms on have unique interior designs. Clients interested in units with decorative interiors and elegance can opt for luxury restroom trailers. As the name suggests, they provide a VIP experience with full-size luxury bathrooms.

Alternatively, clients, especially those in the outdoor events business or responding to emergencies and natural disasters, can opt for commercial restroom trailers. Even though they are not as highly customized as luxury restroom trailers, they are cost-effective, and guests will forget they are using a temporary facility.

Montondo Trailer LLC also offers other custom-designed trailers, including laundry, combination, shower, and bunk trailers. These units are designed and built to provide an exceptional experience for guests and can be purchased as luxury or commercial units — depending on the intended use.

The company also sells pre-owned units. Although the used trailers are cheaper than brand-new ones, they have the same premium features and high build quality. Before making them available for sale, the team at Montondo Trailer LLC thoroughly inspects and cleans the trailers to ensure that they are in excellent condition and ready for use. If the client is interested in more customization, the company has an experienced team on standby to transform their vision into reality.

Montondo Trailer LLC offers personalized assistance to clients interested in buying new and used trailers. All the engagements are through highly experienced and trained professionals, eliminating the need to deal with brokers and go-betweens. They are resourceful, kind, and ready to answer clients’ questions.

When speaking about the company, a client noted: “We purchased our Montando restroom trailer to be used at Roys Barn, our wedding venue, in Bozeman, Montana. The Montando staff were helpful every step of the way, designing a trailer that fit all of our needs. The quality of construction used to complete the build was admirable. Their customer service after our purchase has been amazing. We would absolutely do business with Jack Montando again!”

Clients interested in the new pre-built restroom trailers can contact the company at (800) 680-2902. Montondo Trailer LLC is located at 1800 Broadway, Unit 4C, Buffalo, NY, 14212, US. Visit the website for more information.

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