Montgomery Farmers Market: Sells Jersey Fresh Produce Straight from Local Farms

Montgomery Farmers Market: A Haven for Fresh Jersey Produce Straight from Local Farms

The Montgomery Farmers Market proudly announces the availability of Jersey Fresh produce, delivered straight from local farms to the community. The Market is operated by the Montgomery Friends of Open Space (MFOS), bolstering local farmers and advancing sustainable agriculture.

The market is located within The Village Shoppes at 1378 Rt. 206, Skillman, NJ (Montgomery Township, NJ) the Montgomery Farmers Market opens every Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm.

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Dedicated to advocating local businesses and fostering community resilience, the Montgomery Friends of Open Space is affiliated with the New Jersey Council of Farmers & Communities (NJCFC). The market bridges the gap between dedicated local farmers and discerning consumers, invigorating the local economy while bolstering the agricultural landscape.

Joseph Mikulewicz, President of NJCFC, conveyed, “The Montgomery Farmers Market exemplifies our unwavering commitment to delivering the freshest and most flavorsome Jersey Fresh produce, while nurturing sustainable farming practices. By embracing Jersey Fresh, patrons not only savor top-notch quality, but they also contribute to a healthier and thriving New Jersey.”

Since its inception, the MFOS has ardently dedicated itself to protecting open land and responsibly stewarding preserved properties. The Montgomery Farmers Market serves as a testament to the organization’s core values, exemplifying the harmonious blend of agriculture and community-driven aspirations.

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About Montgomery Friends of Open Space (MFOS)

The Montgomery Friends of Open Space is a dedicated all-volunteer nonprofit organization zealously committed to preserving open land within Montgomery Township. As responsible stewards, the MFOS ensures the conservation of precious green spaces and proudly advocates for local agriculture through its flagship initiative, the Montgomery Farmers Market. A flourishing market that strikes the perfect harmony between community, commerce, and conservation.

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