Monnfts Marketplace Starts Royalty Functions to Empower Artists

Monnfts launched its marketplace after a year’s of preparation on 1 January 2022. The new NFT marketplace will be artist and creator centric. The marketplace will help creators mint and auction their digital artworks as NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain with an added royalty functions.

Monnfts is a creator-centric NFT marketplace and issuance platform that utilizes the MONNFTS token (MON) to empower users who actively interact with the protocol. Users on the Monnfts platform can easily create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for unique digital items like artworks. The platform offers users a fully-featured marketplace that is filtered and sorted using different categories to create a smooth and easy user experience.

Creators can create and post NFTs on the Monnfts marketplace. The MON token is a fundamental pillar of the platform as it is used as the default currency to buy/sell NFTs and for participating in the governance of the protocol. $MON is built on top of the Binance Smart Chain. This enables Monnfts and $MON to operate with low transaction fees and no listing costs for artists. The token was stealth-launched on PancakeSwap on the 1st of November 2021 with no pre-sale. “The royalty feature would empower artists and creators to the next level.” Henry Tran, Founder of Monnfts commented.

“Whenever you create an NFT you can set a certain percentage as royalty for secondary sales. For example, you create an NFT and sell it for 0.2 BNB and set a royalty at 10%. When it comes to secondary sales, your buyer then sells your NFT at a higher price point for 0.5 BNB. Here, the royalty system kicks in. As the original content creator, you receive 10% of that sale, being 0.05 BNB. When the creator(A) sends/transfers an NFT to B, A will receive a royalty of 10% of the NFT if B sells the NFT to C.” Henry further elaborated.

The royalty function is very simple to use.

  • Enter, find and Click “Create” in the menu bar.
  • .Click on icon User, find to the NFT information. Click button Royalty and fill in the royalty.
  • Click “Set Royalty”.

Monnfts is the definitive platform to create, discover, trade, and leverage any digital content on the blockchain. They are decentralized and non-custodial so any user or brands can explore, experiment and monetize their NFT content.

They have the following unique selling points:

Decentralized Trade: Trade directly with any user on the platform through publicly audited and automated smart contracts hosted on the powerful and proven BSC environment.

High Performance, Low Fees: The Binance Smart Chain allows Monnfts to transact in an ultra-fast and secure environment while maintaining limited fee exposure for our end-users.

Low commission rates: Low commission rate is a way to give back to the community, giving more back to the end-users and creators.

The highlight of Monnfts is it’s role as an all-in-one suite for NFT, Marketing and DeFi. Monnfts has a ton of features, including:

  • NFT Marketplace: A marketplace for artist’s NFT products.
  • CryptoPop: 200 unique collectible characters stored on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with certified proof of ownership. They’re fun, small, 24×24 pixel art characters that are algorithmically generated and tokenized.
  • M2C: Affiliate network which operates under the CPA and CPO models.
  • Trade: Provide exchange-trading features and Liquidity—similar to Uniswap.
  • Earning: Provide liquidity to AMM DEX for receiving your rewards.
  • Launchpad: This is a feature of launching tokens similar to Launchpad in the Binance ecosystem.

With a focus and mission to bring peer-to-peer commerce with NFTs and decentralized finance to the masses, Monnfts believe that they are better positioned than ever before to unlock multi-billion dollar opportunities forthe mainstream. The team will aggressively begin targeting mainstream users this year.

The marketplace is open to public. For more information, kindly visit

About Monnfts

Monnfts is a creator-centric NFT marketplace and issuance platform that utilizes the MONNFTS token (MON) to empower users who actively interact with the protocol.

Media Contacts

Name: Henry Tran

Title: Founder

Company: Monnfts