Mobile Game To Play On The Bus, New Bargain Hunter App For Sustainable Commuting

The recently launched app aims to encourage more people to travel sustainably by making their commute less tedious and more rewarding. Bargain hunters also get deals and vouchers from partner businesses in the area.

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Skedadle’s new gaming app coincides with an RSPH article about commuters in the UK. According to the report, more than half of commuters say they experience increased stress during their commute, and about the same percentage say commuting takes time away from relaxing and self-care. Commuting directly affects their productivity, mental health, and work-life balance, and many are seeking ways to commute less or make the “dead” time more productive.

With simple online games like Snake, Ping Pong, and Space Shooter, Skedadle provides a distraction during the user’s commute, making it less stressful. The gaming company also partners with local businesses to promote ongoing sales and special offers. Not only do users get entertained while traveling, but they can also use the app to find the best deals in the area.

Some people avoid gaming apps because traditional ones are so bombarded with ads that the user spends less than 50% of their time actually playing the game. Skedadle practices ethical marketing, where the ads are subtly placed and do not cover the screen or freeze the phone. They do not use pop-ups or serve ads with every move the user makes.

Environmental sustainability, however, is at the core of Skedadle’s values. They want to encourage people to choose a more sustainable way to travel daily. Public transport may be tedious, but sustainable commuting is better for the environment and minimizes the carbon footprint of each individual. The company believes that when more people act and make an effort to cut down on the use of fossil fuels, it creates a significant impact on the environment.

Recent data shows that by taking public transport, people can cut down up to 10% of their carbon footprint, which is about 30,000-40,000 pounds of CO2 annually. Skedadle states that aside from recycling and minimizing consumption, commuting is one of the best ways individuals can save the planet.

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