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Miramar, FL Dog Spa Barking Lounge Mobile Pet Grooming Announces New Services

Barking Lounge Mobile Pet Grooming has announced its dematting service, allowing pet owners to get an essential pet grooming service done right outside their homes.

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According to Barking Lounge Mobile Pet Grooming, matting can happen when dogs get wet, shed their winter or summer coats, or if their coat type is predisposed to the condition. Most mobile pet groomers don’t offer dematting because it can be a delicate process, but Barking Lounge Mobile Pet Grooming has experienced groomers who know how to deal with all types of matted coats.

The company explains that even with the most diligent pet owner, dogs can end up getting matted. Breeds like the poodle and the bichon frise, with their curly coats, are susceptible to matting simply because of the texture of their fur. For breeds that are predisposed to matting, Barking Lounge Mobile Pet Grooming recommends getting regular grooming sessions to ensure that small mats are removed early.

Barking Lounge Mobile Pet Grooming has announced its professional mat removal services to offer an efficient solution for more challenging matting issues. Moisture or shedding can cause fur to get tangled or knotted – a condition which can be painful for pets.

The Miramar mobile dog spa cautions pet owners that if mats are not removed right away, they can cause mobility issues, hygiene problems, and hair loss.

The latest service update also provides a proactive solution to ensure optimal pet hygiene. The warm, moist environment of the mat can harbor bacteria, viruses, and fungi which can cause hot spots. These spots are very itchy and can become seriously infected if not treated early. The Miramar spa’s dematting service helps pet owners avoid this situation by professionally removing the pelted fur before infection sets in.

With the latest update, the Miramar pet spa continues to update its services to meet the needs of its clients. The locally-owned mobile dog spa offers grooming and pet care services, as well as different spa packages and add-on services like tick and flea treatment, deshedding, deep dental cleaning, and many more.

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