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Mint Pest Control Uses Advanced EcoBloc Technology and Microencapsulated Pesticide Formulations for Premium Pest Control Services in Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN – Mint Pest Control Indianapolis provides environmentally friendly pest control solutions in Louisville, Indianapolis, Kentucky, and Indiana Metro areas. The company utilizes integrated pest management programs that involve a thorough property inspection to detect pest activity, as well as possible entry points. This ensures that they provide only the most effective treatments. They offer free quotes and a high satisfaction guarantee to residential and commercial clients.

Mint Pest Control Indianapolis works with a team of experienced and trained technicians who understand each treatment’s ins and outs. They document the inspection results and recommend the most effective course of action. The pest control company uses the most advanced and effective pest control formulas available. Their services are comprehensive, leaving no pest in sight.

The company’s professional technicians use progressive EcoBloc technology to establish a bug-free boundary around homes. This unique technology is effective in all 4 seasons, which helps to eliminate pest invasion throughout the year. EcoBloc provides an invisible fence around the client’s property that both kills and repels insects and other pests.

They also use environmentally responsive UV and water-resistant products, which include microencapsulated formulas that offer protection from pests for longer periods. The pesticide formulations are very effective, with some knocking down pests immediately. Covering the active ingredient with a protective coating ensures the team stays safe compared to traditional chemicals used for pest control which can be harmful to humans.

The pest control experts are fully certified and expertly trained to treat over 60 pest types. Some of the pests eliminated by the company include mosquitoes, crickets, mites, ants, ticks, cockroaches, wasps, centipedes, American cockroaches, pill bugs, stink bugs, silverfish, and many more. They also eliminate spiders, rats, mice, and other rodents.

The company spokesperson had this to say about their services, “Mint Pest Control treats more insect-prone areas around the client’s home compared to any other pest control company. While most companies treat the perimeter and the inside, we treat the areas where bugs live, and you can rest easy knowing your home is bug-free.”

Mint Pest Control has studied most pests for years and knows the best solutions to safely remove each type. The company outlines the various methods they use to control or remove the pests and also shares helpful tips that can help minimize their activity. They follow all local laws before treatment, address all ongoing issues, and maintain detailed reporting during the process.

Mint Pest Control is located at 5602 Elmwood Ave Ste #120, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46203, US. For additional questions and inquiries, clients can call the company at (317) 743-5752 or visit their website for more information on their services.

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