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Mint Pest Control Provides Professional and Reliable Services in Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, Indiana – Besides being potential health hazards, pests are annoying, unwelcome guests to have around anywhere. This is why most people prefer to have convenient options of dealing with them on standby – such as by keeping bug sprays in their homes. While such DIY approaches to pest control can have a positive impact, they are temporary solutions at best. To minimize the risk of having a full-blown infestation, it is advisable to seek the services of a qualified exterminator upon noticing their earliest signs of arrival. Mint Pest Control is one company whose top-notch pest extermination services in and around Indianapolis, Indiana, continue to inspire admiration from peers and appreciation from clients.

While commenting on their experience with the company, one loyal client said, “From day one, we have loved our experience with Mint. Our salesperson is extremely knowledgeable and honest. There are no hidden fees, and you can count on Mint to do what they say they will do. We have had NO issues with any bugs since starting with them a year ago. Kathy in the office is also wonderful to work with if you have any concerns or questions. I highly recommend them!”

Mint Pest Control’s exterminators have the requisite skills, tools, equipment, and products to handle all interior and exterior pests. Over the years, they have effectively dealt with pests, including but not limited to wasps, mosquitoes, spiders, earwigs, pillbugs, centipedes, crickets, mites, ants, ticks, mice, cockroaches, silverfish, and stink bugs. As a rule of thumb, getting pests out is always easier than keeping them out. Appreciative of this fact, the company’s pest control specialists go above and beyond to prevent any chances of reinfestation after extermination. They do so by following an evidence-based process that is guaranteed to give the desired results the first time.

The company’s pest control Indianapolis specialists begin by conducting a thorough inspection of the area to determine the types of bugs present, the scope of the infestation, and breeding grounds. They then use this information to develop a personalized pest control plan to eradicate all pests from the property. During treatment, they pay particular attention to all the identified breeding grounds and, where applicable, pest colonies to ensure their total elimination. For extra protection against possible re-infestations, they use their signature EcoBloc Technology to create a bug boundary around the client’s property.

However thorough, no one-off pest control service can be sufficient enough to keep pests at bay for good. Fighting pests is an ongoing process that should be done periodically for the best results. Aware of this, Mint Pest Control offers affordable pest control packages to provide Indianapolis residents year-round protection hassle-free. Visit their website for more information about their services and offers. Clients can direct any questions to a company representative at (317) 743-5752. The company is located at 5602 Elmwood Ave Ste #120, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46203, USA.

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