NFT Auto Generation, Low Cost Deployment & Blog Update in 2023 has recently launched its V2.0 platform. The newly upgraded features in 2023 include NFT auto-generation, marketplace enhancements, full automatic smart contract deployment and management support, and significant savings on NFT deployment cost with Stripe payment integration. In addition, the upgraded Minitables blogging system helps users share knowledge and connects with other NFT creators, investors, and enthusiasts.

For more information on Mintables and to check out the upgraded platform, please visit’s integration with robust and secure Stripe payment system has reduced the cost and streamlined automatic smart contract deployment. As a result, NFT creators can focus on creating and promoting their NFT artworks without worrying about the high cost and complexity of deployment.

Smart contracts are self-executing programs that run on a blockchain and allow regular users to generate digital items without understanding programming or coding. While deploying smart contracts is often time-intensive, Mintables’ smart contract deployment is self-driven and automatic, providing users with a contract for their project immediately.

The significant cost reduction is expected to benefit independent artists and studios looking to use NFTs to create unique digital assets and monetize them quickly. has actively focused on enhancing its blog, enabling the company to share valuable information and insights with its audience. The blog will serve as an educational resource for customers, providing information about Mintables’ services and how members can create and deploy NFT collections in minutes, complete with smart contracts, pre-built customizable minting pages, and multi-blockchain support.

Articles already published on the blog include posts on the history of NFTs, an introduction to blockchains and NFTs, an explanation of Ethereum and how it works, and a discussion of the need for utility in NFT projects, etc. is a blockchain-based platform that provides a simple and affordable way to create NFT arts, deploy and manage smart contracts for NFTs. The company was founded to make producing NFTs more accessible, and they offer a range of user-friendly NFT services, such as selling NFTs for cryptocurrency and direct NFT minting.

A satisfied customer said: “Mintables makes making and selling NFTs easy!”

Interested parties can learn more about Mintables’ blog and the 2023 updates by visiting

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