Mind, Body & Wealth Balance Daily Wellness Journal, 2023 Edition Launched

The popular diary, which is called The Mind, Body, Wealth Journal, encourages users to become more efficient, productive, purposeful and fulfilled in these three key aspects of life. With the new 2023 edition of the journal, Severine Keimig–as both the brains and heart behind Abundance Life League–is on a mission to inspire and empower more individuals to take control of their life and to experience greater joy and abundance.

More information is available at https://abundancelifeleague.com

The launch comes as 2022 draws to a close. As many people across America begin to develop their resolutions for 2023, Abundance Life League believes a major one should be balance. Severine Keimig’s career as a jet-setting and in-demand international model has taught her the value of keeping one’s mind, body and finances in a state of harmony, where no aspect of life is forgotten or neglected.

In particular, the 2023 edition of her number-one-rated journal for balance focuses on mindfulness and contains encouraging prompts that will help diarists to start a habit of daily meditation. This addition is based upon the latest figures from the American Institute of Stress, which showcased that 77% of Americans experience stress to the extent that it affects their physical and/or mental health.

Severine Keimig knows that stress is one of the biggest factors that both results from a lack of balance and also exacerbates it, inhibiting a person from achieving their goals, experiencing happiness and filling their tank. As such, The Mind, Body, Wealth Journal’s daily meditation and mindfulness prompts focus on simple sessions that beginners can try that will facilitate a marked improvement in one’s emotional wellbeing and overall health.

Severine Keimig has created The Mind, Body, Wealth Journal for Abundance Life League because she thinks journaling is a powerful tool that can encourage individuals to have greater faith in themselves and that can help them to enjoy a healthy mind and a healthy life.

Severine Keimig is proud to be a woman in business who is lifting up fellow women with her inspirational products.

A spokesperson for Abundance Life League said, “We believe in the importance of mind, body and wealth alignment. The three main factors that determine everyone’s wellbeing in life. Only through a balanced combination of all three are we able to experience life in fulfillment and abundance.”

More details can be found at https://abundancelifeleague.com

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