Microsoft Azure Cloud Security Implementation For Remote Work Forces Updated

This expansion to the Azure IAM service will allow the team to assist in the implementation of cloud security and access management systems on a global scale. Companies using the service will be able to establish high-security environments with 2FA and accountability tracking for systems supporting remote workforces.

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To achieve the goal of helping companies bridge the cloud security gap, Azure IAM now implements a wide range of security solutions developed by Microsoft and a selection of third-party providers. Azure IAM is an official Microsoft partner and is certified in the implementation of Azure security products.

Total cloud security can be achieved through a combination of heavy monitoring, digital identity consolidation, and strict access management. Using these principles as guideposts, Azure IAM constructs cloud security ecosystems that are designed to keep secrets safe and data secure.

A number of authentication systems are available through Azure IAM, using leading technologies such as OAuth 2.0 and OpenID.

The consultancy specializes in bringing existing data onto new network infrastructure without losses or redundancies. Clients can enlist Azure IAM to assist in the migration of systems from legacy technologies like Microsoft MIM to modern solutions such as Kerberos or their namesake Azure suite of products.

A spokesperson for Azure IAM stated, “The user identity is the new perimeter, and it is the asset to secure and protect against password spray, social engineering, phishing, impersonation, and other sophisticated attacks. AzureIAM has the knowledge and the experience to design, architect and implement, and support your enterprise Identity Management.”

Using these technologies and other tools, Azure IAM can break data silos to make both communication and monitoring easier across the network. They can also bring together multiple accounts under a single access token, making for a faster and less obtrusive security verification experience for the end user.

The Azure IAM team is comprised of industry experts with over 50 years of combined experience in the access management and verification industries under their belts. They are available now at the link below to provide a complementary quote for their services or to discuss specific implementations.

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