MGC Pharmaceuticals receives permission to import psilocybin mushrooms into Europe

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MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd (LSE:MXC, OTC:MGCLF, ASX:MXC) CEO and managing director Roby Zomer speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after the Europe-based plant-inspired medicine company announced it has secured permission to import 200g of psilocybin mushrooms into Slovenia for analysis. The news is significant because its the first time the company has been granted permission to import the naturally-occurring psychedelic compound into the country.

Zomer explains that MGC Pharma has been contracted by a pharmaceutical company based in Southern Africa to import psilocybin mushrooms grown in the region to MGC's facility in Slovenia. As a certified pharmaceutical company in Europe, MGC Pharma will provide the necessary support and infrastructure to help their partner gather essential data for obtaining marketing approval for the product in other countries.

Despite this new collaboration, Zoma emphasized that MGC Pharma's primary focus remains on their existing treatments for refractory epilepsy and immune modulation. However, they recognise the potential of psilocybin as an innovative medicine for the future, particularly in palliative care and post-traumatic treatments.

MGC Pharma aims to stay at the forefront of this emerging sector and provide services to other companies interested in exploring psilocybin-based therapies. Looking ahead, MGC Pharmaceuticals awaits the arrival of the imported mushrooms in Slovenia with a view to commencing the testing and development processes. Additionally, updates are expected on their cannabinoid treatments in the UK, as well as their relations and expansion in America.

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