Mevol Debuts the World’s Slimmest Ceramic Coil Vape Product, Equipped with the New FEELM Air

Emerging vaping brand, Mevol, is introducing two new devices, the Mevol X and Mevol Bar, improving the vaping experience for its customers across the globe.

Recently showcasing its innovative products at The Vaper Expo UK on May 27, 2022, the brand’s mission is to “lead the way to a healthier world.” It believes that leading technology and innovative products can bring a brand-new e-cigarette experience to millions of adult smokers globally, transforming their health in the process.

With such lofty goals in mind, the brand is launching the new ultra-slim Mevol X. The product reflects years of careful development and the expertise of the brand’s in-house team.

Mevol X – Slimmer and Smoother

Mevol X

The new Mevol X offers a “slimmer and smoother” 8mm vape body with a metallic exterior and launched at The Vaper Expo UK with three color options: graphite, silver, and gold. Mevol has carefully considered the design and aesthetics of the new device. The ultra-thin chassis exterior features a sturdy, anodized aluminum body with a dermatologically-friendly coating for a superior user experience.

“Encased in metal with a minimalistic slim design,” the Mevol X offers superior grip and is both “lightweight and portable.” Consumers can effortlessly carry the device and store it discreetly. The ultra-slim appearance is a delight to behold. Exhibition attendees were impressed by the looks. However, Mevol didn’t neglect design, either. The design of Mevol X is ultra-soft, thanks to the high-quality components that make the device so groundbreaking.

Mevol is also introducing flavor improvements as part of the Mevol X debut package. The new ultra-slim comes with the latest generation of the FEELM AIR ceramic coil, comprising 7-layer composite film ceramic coil, microporous bionic structure and nanoscale vacuumed film-forming. The state-of-the-art component offers locked-in flavor and a super smooth vaping experience. At launch, Mevol releases eight flavors: Juicy Watermelon, Garden Strawberry, Blushed Mango, Happy Lemon, lced Mint, Very Berry, Mellow Grape, and Golden Tobacco. Attendees loved the freshness and richness of the flavors, reflecting Mevol’s considerable R&D efforts.

The Mevol X also comes with an Immersive Haptic Engine. Vibrations provide users with an interactive experience, issuing a micro-shock while the device is in use. Driving the system will be the “world’s smallest linear motor with an ultra-long lifecycle of 150 million cycles,” the brand says, offering a moderate vibration frequency for a more delicate puff experience, both on inhalation and exhalation.

The water-flowing light effect is another much-anticipated feature of the new device. The waterfall-like appearance continuously changes at regular intervals and notifies the user of the product’s status. Mevol believes that it is the “ultimate visual experience” for vapers looking for more feedback from their devices.

Lastly, Mevol X integrated industry’s first super power management system “TOPOWER™”. Mevol says users will be able to top up the device’s 380mAh battery to 80 percent full in 10 minutes.

Overall, the Mevol X delivers on many of Mevol’s promises. It puts a lightweight vape pen into the hands of consumers while improving both safety, health, and the overall experience.

Mevol Bar  One time, any time

Mevol Bar

Mevol is also releasing the Mevol Bar alongside the Mevol X, a compact and portable disposable vape that is ready to use, right out of the box.  Rainbow color-matching allows users to vape based on the scene or their mood. The compact and portable, 5.5g light and thin body is ready to use out of the box, fulfilling the Mevol Bar’s slogan “one time, any time.”

According to the brand, the Mevol Bar offers “a rich and consistent flavor from the first to the last puff, delivering an unparalleled vaping experience.” It is equipped with a FEELM ceramic coil, which provides smooth, stable, and silent transmission of vape particles.

About Mevol

In debuting these new products, Mevol is fulfilling its mission to lead the way to a healthier world. It envisions adult smokers abandoning traditional tobacco smoking and replacing it with safer, healthier, and equally-enjoyable vape products.

To achieve its mission, Mevol has focused heavily on attracting top talent to the firm. Management is highly respected. Senior members of staff graduated from renowned universities or come from top global companies. Key employees “worked in large-scale smart equipment, manufacturing, internet, consumer goods, consulting and investment” before joining the firm, the company says.

Mevol invests considerably in research and product development and innovation. Every product it designs focuses on the needs of consumers. Quality control operates to a high standard, and products are only released to the public once they achieve the company’s high standards for quality.

Quality control is made possible through a series of in-depth inspections throughout the production process. From its inception, the company established a laboratory to maintain the high quality of its new designs. Every product, including the Mevol X and Mevol Bar, gets put through hundreds of quality tests to make it run more stably and improve the taste experience for users.

Mevol exhibited at Stand A74 at The Vaper Expo UK from 27th to 29th May 2022. The launch spearheaded brand awareness, creating a bright outlook for the future of the company.

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