Metrade – unique advantages to gain profit

More than 63% of traders make a profit of $ 250 a day on the METRADE platform. An average of 4388 new traders from more than 10 countries join the platform. The monthly profit the user receives is 20% of the initial capital. These are the numbers that most convincingly show the attraction and potential of METRADE – the world’s first decentralized exchange.

Before learning METRADE, we need to know what Binary Option trading is.

What is Binary Option (BO) Trading?

Trading Binary Option (BO) is actually simpler than Forex, Gold, etc. In English, the word “Option” means “option”, and “Binary” means “binary”. Translated in full meaning is “Binary Option”. This means that in Binary Option trading you only need to choose Up or Down. And the results are based on the time you choose.

Example: You place an Up order at a BTC price point of $ 6868.68 and you choose to end the order within 30 seconds. Then after 30 seconds, if the price is above $ 6868.68, you win the order, otherwise you lose.

What is METRADE?

METRADE is the world’s first decentralized exchange; No individual or organization can interfere, manipulate and manage your assets on the METRADE platform. METRADE exchange rates 2 cryptocurrency pairs, BTC / USDT and ETH / USDT, everyone can freely trade and make optimal profits on the floor.

METRADE is a world-class digital asset exchange with a focus on Binary Options, offering you the opportunity to develop a business partnership with us and earn up to $ 50 per Buy for Majors. Reason of the friend introduced to METRADE. You can get up to 7 levels of Trading Commissions. Our affiliate program will help you earn sustainable passive income with a little effort.

METRADE trading platform

Trading on financial trading floors on electronic platforms is a relatively new form in Vietnam and not really popular in Vietnam. Most of the participants have a fairly solid understanding of the financial market, investment, securities, electronic money … because this is a “new extremely fertile land” but also contains many risks. ro.

METRADE operates on a multi-level Ponzi scheme. Therefore, many people do not really dig deep and understand how it works, they all consider this as a scam model. However, if you have specific knowledge and strategy, you can greatly benefit with this model. At METRADE, players will deposit USDT through Tronlink wallet. One thing to note, the form of Binary Option has not been recognized by Vietnamese law. Therefore, when trading on the METRADE platform, you are solely responsible for any mishaps.

How is METRADE superior to other exchanges?

METRADE provides financial tools that allow users to make profits by forecasting up / down movements in foreign currency rates, stock prices, indices, commodities and other assets. This is called a financial transaction, and the person doing the transaction is called a trader.

My platform runs directly on the Tronlink wallet. The decentralized wallet of the TRX platform. This is the latest and best platform technology at the moment.

Users directly manage their assets on their personal wallet. In other exchanges, the client’s money will have to be transferred to the exchange’s wallet and played on the exchange’s wallet, and the exchange can completely interfere with the client’s wallet to withdraw money. Here the floor cannot do it. Therefore, the property of customers is 100% guaranteed.

Deposit and withdrawal fee at METRADE is extremely low. On the old platform, when depositing and withdrawing USDT, the deposit fee of ERC20 would range from 4 – 10 $ for the deposit and withdrawal amount from 100 $ – 10,000 $. Here, no matter how much you deposit and withdraw, the maximum fee amount will not exceed $ 2.

No need to KYC account.

METRADE promises to become the most active exchange in the near future. Learn and become a trend leader.

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