Metaverse Platform Solospace Set To Take Metaverse Living To The Next Level

Metaverse Platform Solospace Set To Take Metaverse Living To The Next Level

From movies and comics to fiction novels, the stories around have always patched an ultra-tech world as the future of the human race. With the massive technological advancements witnessed in the last few decades, a picture of a grandeur tech future only seems fair. And the growth of the crypto space ultimately is getting the world closer to the envisioned picture. With technologies melding most day-to-day human activities with the virtual world, the potential of metaverse growth is only getting bigger. Metaverse is a virtual world that lets members play, work, shop, and build a digital life.

The innovation meter has been at par with several platforms trying to make a mark in the metaverse space. One of the platforms that have got the space’s attention with its announcements is Solospace. The platform is poised to take metaverse living to the next level with its creation. The platform aims to launch a metaverse network of virtual cities where users can purchase and own property, build and modify their living facilities, e-commerce experience, and gaming experience that has never been heard before.

The platform intends to allow its users to own, build and truly experience the metaverse through Solospace. The space is a community-driven photorealistic virtual world.  The Solospace’s capital, SoloCity, is the epicenter where users can visit Downtown Solocity, the Fashion District, work in office environments, own and see their properties, earn a living, and attend live concerts and social events, and other virtual experiences.

Members of the city can be “players,” virtually living in luxury, futuristic high rise, driving a flying car, and buying actual goods after shopping for them virtually. They can also go to a store and – unlike current e-commerce, experience goods through photorealism by touching, holding, trying on but then have the actual product delivered to their house. This concept has the potential to be revolutionary as it’s the future shift from tangible reality and real-world experiences merging with futuristic existence.

Solospace would allow members to purchase SoloCity virtual land on Opensea and other marketplaces coming soon, but that land, especially after it is developed in the metaverse world, can accrue equity, that can sell in the same way, one would traditionally sell a real estate property.

The complete 3D version of SoloCity is officially LIVE. Get a sneak peak now, before the full version access of SoloCity launches in July 2022. The platform is planning an EPIC launch with big Hollywood names in the entertainment industry. Who would it be is still a surprise, so follow the platform and stay updated with any announcements. As it nears, it appears this Meta launch will be Mega.

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