Meta Santa Inu just launched on December 6th at 5PM UTC.


Meta Santa Inu $METASINU is a decentralized cryptocurrency token built on Binance Smart Chain network that is bringing Santa and Christmas vibes every day!

The utility behind this is beginning in the NFT ecosystem. This token focuses on the power of the community, rewarding active holders with Christmas themed NFTs that will be released exactly on Christmas day. 

More than that, the team is focusing on creating a MetaVerse World that will start first with VRchat, investors being contributors, not only holders. Meta Santa Inu is not a seasonal token, as the name might suggest. ‚Santa’  was choosen specially for people who loves Christmas, so they can feel and enjoy the spirit of it everyday throughout the years. The team has a well-implemented and a long-term plan for 2022 which is to launch their own metaverse that will have the Christmas as a theme.  


Meet the Dev of this project, Rico. He is from Europe and it is activated in Crypto World since 2015. He has the Marketing Man by his side, Nik, who is also from Europe. They know each other since 2019 and planned this project for 3 months. The name was picked by the dev whose favorite holiday is the Christmas one. 

Meta Santa Inu team’s intention is to create a bigger team by implying the community. They consider that the group can bring fresh and inovative ideas in order to reach the Meta Santa Inu’s goals.  


As mentioned, the token team focuses on the power of the community, rewarding active holders with NFTs that will be soon released. 

The collection is made by a team which contains very experienced graphic designers that have already worked in the NFT space before. Top shillers and holders of Meta Santa Inu will be rewarded a month after launch with some rare and exclusive NFTs that will be airdropped in their wallet.

Furthermore, all the holders who will redeem their wallet with their name will can be seen on our VRchat map in a wall that will be created specially for our community. MANY MORE TO COME! 


Meta Santa Inu Token currently has more than 200 holders and is continually growing. It’s presence on social media has continued to grow, with over 1500 followers on twitter, and huge influencers backing them. They are also launching a NFT collection soon, with 10,000 NFTs minted and generated using unique elements. This NFT collection will come out along with the UP NFT Marketplace.

Everyone can visit the official website of Meta Santa Inu (  ) to take a look at the roadmap and not only. Rico, Nik and Adriano created a strong marketing plan which consists in articles, Twitter, TIK TOK and YouTube Influencers, Dextools Trending, Reddit Trending, listing on CoinMarketCap, on CoinGecko and on Coinbase. However, these are just a part of their thoughts, thus more you can see on their website.  

Rico and Adriano have prepared for you a contest which includes the TikTok platform. The community members who would like to participate, will have to create a Tik Tok video and if it will reach a given number of views, it will be rewarded with CASH PRIZES.