Meta Ape Militia Launches the First Bitcoin Mining NFT Collection

Meta Ape Militia Launches the First Bitcoin Mining NFT Collection

Meta Ape Militia have come up with a new way to do Bitcoin mining.  MAM are launching the very first bitcoin mining NFT. Originally, Bitcoin could be mined by anybody who had a computer but in recent years bigger and bigger companies have made this mining to industrial levels, with ‘large pseudo factories’ of computers, making it very hard for smaller parties to have any realistic chance of mining a Bitcoin.  So this is a fresh approach to mining bitcoin and could provide a model for others to follow.

The team behind the collection have considerable knowledge of the Bitcoin mining operation, as one of the co-owners of the project are also both co-owners of a Bitcoin mine.

The longer the owner keeps the NFT the more chance of having Bitcoin  and so it is better to get in early on obtaining these NFTs and it maximizes your chance of obtaining Bitcoin.  It also incentivises people to keep them, rather than flipping (buying and selling them quickly) them.

The price of NFT’s has grown from under 100 million dollars to over 25 billion dollars last year and whilst the price can fluctuate the overall trend of both Bitcoin and NFTs has grown massively in recent years.   These NFTs are maintaining a 2X floor, despite a turbulent trading year, over our current mint price and they are on a roadmap to see a successful venture, with still a good portion of the collection left to mint. The first stage of the Bitcoin Mine has already been funded and will go live in July 2022.

The NFTs themselves are digital assets in the form of Apes, somewhat similar to the Board Ape Yacht club, with the 10, 000 but the differences being that they are all wearing militia apparel and are in 3D. There are also male and female apes, perks and other rewards which are added features. They will also be providing some luxury retreats in the Metaverse and plan to build a community and buy land in the Metaverse in either Sandbox or Decentraland, which are the 2 ‘lands’ of the Metaverse.  The Meta Ape Militia Island in the amazing Destoria Metaverse is currently under development and plans to launch in August 2022.

These NFTs can be purchased for 0.4 ethereum, which is the main currency for purchasing NFTs on the OpenSea website, you will also need a digital wallet to put your NFT end. It is worth noting that you have to own 2 NFTs in order to  qualify for the chance of winning Bitcoin and the other perks.

Further information can be seen on their Twitter  or their website if you want to find out more.

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