Merv-11 & Merv-13 16x20x4 Pleated Home Furnace Filters: Range Expanded

The firm’s growing filter range uses high-quality pleated construction, allowing it to offer ratings of Merv-11 and Merv-13. Sizes range from 1″ to 5″, with several less common options also now in stock. The firm’s full line of 16x20x4 furnace filters is available for delivery throughout the US and Canada, and can be ordered via the company’s website.

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The move comes as unusually cold winter storms, seen across the US in December, have led to high usage of residential furnace systems. United Filter Company states that such systems require regular filter changes in order to maintain health and efficiency, and its expanded line was developed to offer superior quality and reliability.

According to the American Lung Association, poor indoor air quality can contribute to a range of conditions, including lung cancer, infections, and chronic conditions, such as asthma. As Harvard Medical School points out, the colder months represent a greater risk, and preventative measures should include regular filter changes for gas furnace heating systems.

United Filter Company explains that Merv-11 and Merv-13 filters can be among the most suitable for residential hvac units, and the firm’s expanded selection places emphasis on these filter types. Such products are often used in high-grade commercial buildings, as well as in general areas of hospitals.

In an effort to improve convenience, the firm has also added several multi-pack options to its product line. Those purchasing via the United Filter Company website can now opt to buy filters in packs of between 3 and 12, depending on the size of filter being ordered.

About United Filter Company

In addition to residential furnace filters, United Filter Company also offers a variety of filter types for commercial purposes. These can include pocket bag filters, rigid box filters, HEPA filters, and geothermal filters. As with the residential range, products are available for delivery across the US and Canada, and may be purchased via the company’s website.

One client recently stated: “I had a great experience with United Filter. They covered the cost when I missed the delivery, which was my own fault. The filters fit, work really well, and are a good deal compared to local options.”

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