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Merchant Chimp Voted As One Of The Top Performing Clover Partners In 2022

Merchant Chimp has been recognized as one of the best official Clover merchant services partners in 2022 for providing industry-low POS and payment processing fees to their clients.

This announcement comes after the results of a recent online survey from over one thousand US-based Clover businesses from a wide range of industries, including retail, hospitality, professional services, home improvement, healthcare and more was released.

Potential candidates were required to be nominated by customers, have a 95% or above customer satisfaction rating, and satisfy a number of Clover merchant services categories and requirements.

Merchant Chimp received further endorsement for their transparent approach to helping new and existing Clover clients renegotiate and switch out of contracts – offering ‘no lock in’ contracts and saving businesses over 20% on average. This was determined in addition to their high level of customer service and account management, convenient payment software and hardware integration with new and existing businesses, and affordable point of sale system offerings.

Further information about Merchant Chimp’s services can be found at

One member of the survey said: “The team at Merchant Chimp were incredibly transparent with explaining my actual rates and fees, before they helped me arrange a new Clover contract that saved me 27% on my total processing costs. I can’t thank them enough!”

Another comment was: “I had been looking to restructure my Clover contract for a while after my business grew faster than expected over the first 18 months and had changed significantly from when I first set up my contract. Merchant Chimp made the whole process easy to review the ins and outs of my existing contract, and provide a tailored solution suited to the number and types of transactions we were now getting. We saved significantly straight off the bat when switching to Merchant Chimp.”

It’s obvious that Merchant Chimp is a company dedicated to helping their clients run their businesses and save them money along the way – with every transaction! Whether it’s brick and mortar or an online empire, they’ve been found to have tailored payment processing solutions for any business and industry.

The company offers complimentary consultations and detailed merchant reports that help identify and breakdown clients’ existing fees and any overcharges. All interested parties need to do is provide a merchant statement and Merchant Chimp do the rest – identify actual fees being charged, provide a comprehensive report and breakdown, renegotiate a new Clover contract with lower rates, and in many cases, even buy the business out of an unfavorable contract.

One of the Merchant Chimp team members mentioned in a recent interview: “As a team comprised of business owners ourselves, we got sick and tired of wasting so much money on payment processing. We know the problem of rising expenses and running out of options to reduce them. That’s why we’ve decided to make a better solution for all types of businesses, one that will transparently show costs and cut merchant fees by 20-50%.”

For more information about how Merchant Chimp can help your business save you money on merchant and payment processing fees, click the ‘contact’ information in this article.

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