Merchant Chimp Rated As A Top US Merchant Services Provider For 2023

Merchant Chimp was recognized as one of the best merchant services providers of 2022 and expected to continue their industry-leading performance and reputation in 2023, after the results of a recent online survey from over a thousand US businesses were released.

Company industries ranged from retail, hospitality, professional services, home improvement, healthcare and more. Whilst the merchant service providers comprised of PayPal, Venmo, Stripe, Square and all other major players.

With an expected tough 2023 for all businesses with the looming recession and increased costs across the board, this announcement couldn’t come sooner for small and medium-sized US enterprises that are looking to lower their merchant services costs and improve gross margins and profitability.

This recognition goes beyond the cost savings and lower rates that Merchant Chimp is renowned for, it also includes their level of customer service and account management, payment software and hardware integration with new and existing businesses, and tailored point of sale system offerings.

One member of the survey commented: “If I have a technical issue with one of my POS terminals, I simply FaceTime my Merchant Chimp account manager and she talks me through anything on the spot. Gone are the days of waiting on hold for hours and speaking with a call center.”

Another comment made was: “When I was looking around for a new merchant services provider, Merchant Chimp was able to provide me with a detailed report that showed me exactly what fees I was paying and where I could save within 24 hours. I couldn’t believe how convenient it was. They offered to buy me out of my existing contract and my family business was able to save 25% on our total payment processing costs in year one!”

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Merchant Chimp is a company dedicated to making running your business an easy experience, whether it’s brick and mortar or an online empire.

Some of their biggest competitive advantages found in the survey was their month-to-month ‘no lock in’ contracts, personal merchant account management, no bill-backs, 99% software integration and premium customer service – with minimal wait times and 24/7 support.

The company makes it convenient for prospective clients to get in touch for a consultation and obtain a quote. All prospects have to do is send them a merchant statement so they can analyze actual current charges and fees, and they will provide you with a full report identifying the breakdown of unnecessary fees and charges for you to keep, no matter whether you switch or not.

One of the Merchant Chimp team members mentioned in a recent interview: “As a team comprised of business owners, we got sick and tired of wasting so much money on credit card fees. We know the problem of rising expenses and running out of options to reduce them. That’s why we’ve decided to make a better solution for all SMEs and enterprises, one that will transparently show costs and cut merchant fees by 20-50%.”

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