Men’s Mental Health Awareness Coaching & Community Support Services Launched

Scott Flowers Consulting Group now offers one-to-one private coaching sessions, as well as a range of online resources and social groups that provide men with a supportive and engaging online community.

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Alongside the public resources and Facebook groups, the mental health coaching group offers premium subscription services for early access to its latest unique content.

With an estimated two out of five men reportedly experiencing low feelings and depression, and 20% of men in the US suffering from diagnosed mental illness, the need for male-focused mental health support is greater than ever. Furthermore, statistics show that 40% of men are less likely to talk about their feelings or mental health issues. Scott Flowers Consulting Group is creating a space for men to feel more comfortable expressing their feelings and finding the support they need.

The mental health service takes cues from both current and classic teaching, using the ideas of several prominent male philosophers, such as John Maxwell, Jordan Peterson, Ed Mylett, Alan Watts, and Neville Goddard, as well as Stoic philosophies. This combination prompts both engaging and thought-provoking ideas that can help men develop healthy masculinity within all areas of their lives, including health, relationships, and career.

Scott Flowers Consulting Group’s resources include writings and videos which can be accessed at no cost, with new content being added on a regular basis through their public Facebook community. The company’s premium content is available exclusively for subscribers through a private Facebook group, which offers additional unique content and early access to the company’s resources.

Individuals seeking direct coaching services can also book one-to-one sessions through the company’s website. Spaces for these sessions can be limited, so early booking is advised for those seeking this extra support.

When speaking of their services, a spokesperson said, “We focus on helping men cope with a changing world in areas such as their age, career, and relationships.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

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