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In response to new research that suggests that as much as 12% of people may suffer from sensitive teeth, Dentist 101 has launched a new campaign to help educate the nearby community about the most common causes of sensitive teeth, and the newest available treatments.

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In the new campaign, the dental team points out that tooth sensitivity can have a wide range of causes, and the only way to determine the root cause in a particular patient is through a careful inspection by a trained professional. However, using various treatments, it is possible to provide either a permanent solution or at least temporary relief from the most common causes.

Tooth sensitivity is known to affect individuals of all ages, and research shows that they are more prevalent in women than in men. However, the most common age to develop sensitive teeth is between 20 and 40 years old, and the effects may last a lifetime if untreated.

When a tooth becomes sensitized, the campaign explains, it is most often because of damage to, or loss of, the patient’s enamel. This hard, durable outer layer of enamel provides protection to teeth against most complications, but when it becomes damaged, the dentin underneath can easily be affected by a wide range of irritants.

The Dentist 101 team works individually with each patient to determine the underlying cause of damage to their tooth enamel, so they can provide an optimized and effective solution that provides long-term relief. Some of the most common causes of enamel damage include brushing too hard, losses from acidic foods, and gum disease.

Another common cause may be related to the new trend of teeth whitening, which has the potential to damage enamel when done incorrectly, without professional guidance. In some cases, patients may also find they have temporarily sensitive teeth for a short period during, or immediately after, a bleaching treatment. Learn more at

One recent patient said, “Extremely friendly and professional clinic. Would highly recommend it to anyone and will definitely work with them in the future. The staff is very professional and very upfront, and everything is explained clearly.”

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