Meet XIIDC, The Studio for me and you

Washington D.C. – XIIDC is a youth and black-owned creative studio located in Washington D.C. owned by Kalif G and operated by brilliant minds including himself,  Jahi, Moo, and Dane Denson, and Kalif G.

Combining over forty-six years of experience in music, fashion, and other creative ventures, the collective of intelligent individuals curate a safe space for people of all walks of life to explore the creative aspects of their persona.

From creating music, photoshoots, cooking, recording content, and so on, XIIDC champions the ideals of allowing the “creative juices” to roam freely for anybody to procure quality projects. The equipment in the studios is state of the art and always changing to fit the current state of the industry.

The goal of the studio is to become a powerhouse in the industry and give Washington, D.C. another location to where future creative geniuses can start their journey to nirvana. Hours of operation of the studio along with pricing is flexible per client to encourage people to come in and create with financial stresses.

With big hopes and dreams, XIIDC welcomes new clients to join their current roster and people in general who need a safe space to procreate content. Current and previous clients have been placed on The Source, All Hip Hop, Kazi Magazine, Elevator, 93.9WKYS, and many more diverse platforms.

For more information, contact this email: