Meet Toxica one of the top influencers of 2022

USA — Well-known influencer and model Mariah Soto (Also known as TOXICA) was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She grew up with a passion for wrestling being the only girl on her all guy wrestling team for 8 years.

Shortly after, she joined a dance team and eventually grew a passion for modeling. Toxica is a part of Untouched Agency.

The inspired model has done various collaborations with content creators during her modeling career in the past year. She has collaborated with Jimmy Smacks, Smooth Gio, PNB ROCK, Chink Capone (Good Morning Everybody,) and even Lil Durk’s look alike.

Away from her modeling career, the Florida-based 25 year old model loves gaming and working on cryptocurrency. She shares with us that she is working on her first NFT of herself which will drop this May and will include many extraordinary utilities and in addition will also have a 3D version of herself to put into the meta verse.

Mariah Soto also then shares with us that she is thrilled to  currently be working on a new TV show that will stream on HBO Max.

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