Meet the Ambitious Team Behind Financials Plus, Inc


Ambition is contagious. Ambition describes a strong desire to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work. The small cohort of individuals who live in the 1% have an innate drive that allowed them to separate themselves from their competition. Willing to wake up early, work countless hours towards perfecting their craft, and outwork the competition. The two long island based co-founders of the rapidly growing company, Financial Plus Inc, George Manasakis and Brandon Colleta, realized this and asked themselves how to best maximize their experience and knowledge trading in the stock market. Ever since their moment of introspection they have not looked back. 

Find Your Edge:

To win in the stock market you need to have an edge. Manasakis and  Colleta collectively have over 10 years of experience trading in the stock market. 

“I’ve always liked finance and stocks. I’ve been trading since I was 12 and my father owns a hedge fund, so I got to see what he did on a day-to-day basis. Mainly, with how my father took other people’s money, invested it, and turned it to profit.”  Colleta mentioned. 

“Similarly, I started trading when I was around 14 years old. I started with a little bit of money and moved on to understanding other investment techniques such as day trading. When I started to see results, that’s when an idea conjured that  Colleta and I could bring people together to make them financially free. ” Manasakis added. 

After Manasakis’ realization, the duo teamed up and created Financial Plus Inc. Today, they’ve recorded several months with over $8,000 in revenue, profitable clients, and an 85% success rate. 

Bringing Value in a Nefarious Industry:

Motivated to bring value to all traders regardless of skill level,  Colleta and Manasakis saw how nefarious this industry could be. “We understand there are hundreds if not thousands of people doing the same exact thing we are doing, however, the one thing that differentiates us from anyone else is our results.”  Colleta mentioned

“We’re also not looking for money. We’re motivated by providing results and helping other people. We love what we do and we are not afraid to put in the work to provide the most value possible.” Manasakis said. 

Today, Financial Plus Inc serves a large cohort of VIP members that receive research, options ideas, signals, and more.


Many traders have lost their magnanimity. Failing to realize that a business is built on giving value instead of making sales. The team behind FinancialPlusInc understands this concept and structured their business to provide their clients with an adequate investing service that gives true value. As a result, FinancialPlusInc offers new clients a free week trial to get started. 

To get started with FinancialPlusInc, follow their Instagram page (@Financialsplusinc) here and send them a message referencing this article to receive the top 3 mistakes traders make when they just start out.