Meet The 16 Year Old Stock Trading Prodigy Matie Henok – Who is Changing the Paradigm of What is Possible

What is a Prodigy?

Prodigies are rare. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the most admired composers to live, began to play songs on the harpsichord at four years old and started composing simple music at five. Furthermore, years later after hearing a famous piece of late Renaissance choral music called the Miserere. Mozart, the same night, transcribed the whole thing from memory.  Prodigies such as Mozart often exhibit prolific ability at a young age which later formalize into a series of great accomplishments. For Matie Henok, a 16 year old stock trader, the concept of prodigy similarly rings true.

Change the Paradigm

Prodigies tend to be ambitious. Henok, a Washington, D.C native, is not your typical high schooler. With a strong value system that aligns with family, health, and a strong faith in God; Henok has been able to do what every investor aims for: to be a profitable stock trader. Although Henok is still in high school; he has already built an impressive resume of experience and possesses the work ethic to achieve remarkable accomplishments. Currently, Henok manages a full class load, while playing soccer competitively and trading each eligible trading day. He accredits his success to the strict routine he follows: “Each morning I get up before the market opens, read the news, chart my levels using technical analysis, and in my free period I execute my trades. After school I review my trades and the night before I do my research. It’s a routine I’ve built for myself that has helped me become consistent.”

Even for a young stock trader, this routine has manifested remarkable results. “I’m in a group chat with over 1,000 people in it. I won student of the month which was a huge milestone because it showed others that I’m serious about this profession. Additionally, in November I made my first $1,000 and soon after made close to 5 figures in one month alone. ” Henok replied when asked about his defining moment.


Oftentimes age is considered to be an impediment. Age, in most cases, signifies experience which traditionally shows an individual’s competency or ability to do a certain task or job. However, Henok wants to challenge this conception by showing what is possible to achieve regardless of age.

“I want to be a 7 figure trader running 7-8 figure businesses, diversifying into real estate, ecommerce, and growing my personal brand.” Matie replied when asked where he wants to be in five years. “I want to show that age doesn’t matter. If I am able to yield consistent returns in the stock market at 16 years old then anyone else can as well.”

To get started with Henok, visit his Instagram page and reference this article to get the five most common mistakes new traders make when they first get started trading stocks.

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