Meet Martine Lacroix, an entrepreneur accelerating clients’ growth on airbnb

This rising star is a coach teaching minorities to monetize on Airbnb and short-term rentals.

Martine Lacroix is a woman crossing boundaries in her industry. We could not help but notice the rise of this entrepreneur, a woman who has today taken over the Airbnb market and is a 7-figure earner.

Who is Martine Lacroix? This passionate entrepreneur created her unique niche thriving on her passion, ideas, vision, and drive to disrupt the field. Being able to do that in a city like New York came along with so many challenges for her, but working relentlessly and incessantly, she broke barriers and attracted global attention towards the success that Black women can achieve. Martine Lacroix was one of the first few to realize the massive potential of Airbnb in 2010.

Talking about how it all started, Martine highlights that she began her journey by investing in two NYC apartments over a decade ago and transformed them a bit, listing them on Airbnb. These investments eventually took her towards her path of success, making her a 7-figure earner. Today, Martine Lacroix has gone beyond entrepreneurship and has dedicated herself to helping others achieve success in their lives by coaching them, especially minorities, as a consultant, enhancing their knowledge to help them earn from renting their properties to tourists.

Martine Lacroix today, as a hospitality consultant, is committed to empowering minorities and aspiring entrepreneurs from different walks of life to bring them nearer to their business aspirations and definition of success. From 2010 till the beginning of the current global health crisis of the world, she generated more than $5 million on Airbnb. Beyond that, she has been transforming lives by sharing trade secrets of her successful Airbnb strategy with her consulting business.

As a black woman and self-made entrepreneur working and thriving in an industry like real estate was not a cakewalk for her, but her determination and resilience, working with the bigger goal to impact the lives of others, allowed her to reach where she stands today.

Martine says one of the reasons she has been able to succeed is that in anything she does, her focus has never been on money but more on the impact and the value she is giving clients.  Looking into the future, Martine wants to create digital products such as ebooks and online courses to help reach a wider audience.  Currently, she does coaching where she shares strategies to help real estate investors start a short term rentals business.

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