Meet founders of Boom Journal who’s game to take on Calm and Headspace.

Boom journal opens a channel for all to flow into inner peace, prosperity, and joy.

Boom journal was created by Matt West and Matt Cook. The mindful journey for Matt West started in his late teens. Matt West stopped pursuing his aspiration to becoming a professional soccer player and discovered his new passion for psychology. For over 10 years he has practiced as a psychologist and holds two master  degrees, one from Pepperdine University. After going through a major life stressor, Matt West rediscovered the power of mindful journaling, after two years of rediscovering his inner peace, love, and joy he noticed healthy changes in his life. That’s when Matt met Matt Cook, That’s when Matt met Matt Cook, who shared the same vision of providing a tool for people to feel empowered to achieve their dreams. Before long, Matt and Matt Cook were dedicating their time to building an app that will increase a person’s mental wealth. That’s when Boom Journal was born. That’s when Boom journal was born. 

Mental stress takes over our ability to meet life’s challenges, and lead to becoming overwhelmed. Boom journal helps to master your mood, bringing forth a happier and healthier version of yourself. The message is clear with Boom. It’s all about mastering your mood and being mindful of the bright moments that comes with building your  mental wealth. 

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, mental health leads to anxiety and depression which are majorly caused by stress. In recent times stress has been known to become debilitating. It’s a natural response of the body in the face of danger or occasional fear. Short-term stress isn’t likely to cause any harm to one’s health but it’s a different ball game with its closest cousin – long-term stress. The daily, weekly, and monthly accumulation of such stress can lead to numerous health effects. The risk extends from your mind to your body. Mental stress reduces your overall well-being. It can be associated with depression, suicide, obesity, sickness, anger.

Boom Journal To Mental Freedom 

Bloom with Boom. Boom journal uses mindful Journaling to master your emotions. The app equips you with the power of managing your thoughts and emotions as well as building mental wealth. Boom journal works in three ways:

  • Mood Tracking 
  • Reflection on moments 
  • Inspiration and Connections 

Created by: Matt West and Matt Cook, Boom Journal comes amidst a pandemic where most are faced with mental challenges collectively. 

Benefits of Boom Journal 

  • High Productivity
    Through Boom journal, many have been able to carry out mind-boggling tasks at fast paces. Finally, you can achieve the things you have always wanted, thereby accomplishing your goals through consistency. 
  • Healthy Mind, Healthy Soul, Healthy Lifestyle 
    A healthy mind is like a light shining, radiating. It gives the euphoria of joy and peace. It’s so glaring that the energy is felt by everyone. This finds a way to seep into every area of our life and enhances a healthy lifestyle minimizing stress. Thanks to the mindful journaling functionality, your mood is regulated, therefore making you focused, happy and resourceful. 
  • Inner Peace and Joy 
    Who wouldn’t love to have a clear mind, not polluted by the stress-induced emotions? Boom journal trains your mind. It boosts your positive energy, training healthy thinking patterns to be productive and joyful. You’ll find yourself at peace with the world, with joy emanating from the depth of your heart. 

The benefits of Boom journal are numerous as it extends to every area of our life. Some of which includes; 

  • High self-worth 
  • Improvement in relationships 
  • Increased energy and focus 

Nothing matters more than a life lived in the present moment filled with  pleasant, happy, and healthy moments. Boom journal is a great way to get started.