Meet Ash WSB, a long term visionary and community leader in Crypto

Meet Ash WSB, a long term visionary and community leader in Crypto

He is excited for global crypto adoption and aims to see people prospering within the space

Around a decade ago, people hardly knew about the digital financial space, including everything from Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and NFTs and the like. Renowned individuals who once disregarded the industry are now excitedly becoming a part of it and are encouraging others to get into the field; such has been the growth of the industry and the potential it has shown so far. A small number of people who worked in the crypto space for a long time such as Ash WSB, who, as a crypto influencer, has been changing the mindsets of people in the field with his passion and acquired knowledge in the sector.

Ash WSB feels excited about the future of digital technology particularly on Web3.0 and metaverse. For Web3.0, he says that decentralization matters the most. Web2.0 profit efficiency is controlled by conglomerates such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook, but with blockchain’s verification model through a consensus, people would be able to conduct the same services without the need of having a centralized party. Decentralization removes barriers to entry with financial services made accessible globally. Ash WSB believes that Web3.0 is on a great start on network adoption in the future.

Ash WSB mentions that though crypto is still relatively new as compared to the existing global markets, many new and exciting opportunities have been generated in the space like dApps, play-to-earn games, and NFT projects. Due to the crypto industry being new hence becoming a riskier asset than traditional finance, Ash WSB developed a vast source of experience, which he now actively spreads among others for creating a greater impact in the industry through his philosophies and information sharing on Twitter.

He has dived deep into the industry and has been guiding others which has helped him attain a community called AshArmy. All that he shares on social media consists of valuable ideas and content that helps people independently make smart moves. He also mentions that though crypto is now seeing its network effects from institutional adoption and seen as a separate economy, regulations are still needed for safeguarding interested companies and investors.