Medium Roasted Brazilian Coffee With Fair Trade & Natural Certification Launched

Boss Brew Coffee’s new medium-roasted coffee has been crafted from Brazil’s famous Catuai and Mundo Novo varieties. These distinct beans are grown in the Parana and Sao Paulo region of the country and have become popular worldwide for their rich, robust and deep flavor. Boss Brew Coffee is also proud to be offering this flavorful and distinct new variety to customers with the full assurance that it is a certified Fair Trade, natural and ethically sourced coffee.

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The launch of Boss Brew Coffee’s latest Fair Trade-certified variety comes at a moment in which more American consumers are turning towards ethical consumption. Fair Trade coffee now accounts for 25% of total coffee sales, and is growing year upon year. According to the Fair Trade Foundation, their worldwide initiative has directly led to higher incomes for coffee farmers throughout Central and South America.

As such, Boss Brew Coffee is proud to offer customers coffee variety’s that not only taste good but do good.

With their new Brazil Santos, they exclusively use hand-picked beans that have been grown naturally in a volcanic loam soil type and then sun-dried and naturally pulped. This optimum growing environment and natural processing means that the beans retain their rich cocoa notes.

Boss Brew Coffee’s subsequent expert medium roast of these single origin beans assures end consumers a final outcome of a cup of coffee that is both strong and smooth.

Boss Brew Coffee is a premium coffee brand that has quickly captured the American market with their passion for ethically source and fair trade coffee. They offer their customers freshly roasted boutique varieties sourced from the world’s finest and most premium destinations.

A spokesperson for the coffee roaster said, “Brazil Santos is a medium-roasted coffee that produces an elegant, smooth cup with cocoa notes. Its Catuai and Mundo Novo variety, hail from the Parana and Sao Paulo Brazil region, and contain more flavor than most other coffees. The combination is ideal for those who prefer medium roasts. This product is sun-dried and is pulped naturally to give a unique, pleasant, and delicious taste to every sip.”

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